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Made to Order Furniture: How Long Does It Take?

August 19th, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

Made to Order Furniture | Lead Time | Handmade in Vermont

This Modern American Buffet-Sideboard which doubles as a TV console or media center is typical of our made to order furniture.  It’s handmade in Vermont of solid wood and guaranteed to last a lifetime.  Would you be willing to wait 5-18 weeks to have this piece made for you and delivered to your home?

How long would you be willing to wait to have solid wood, made to order furniture created just for you?  Four weeks?  Eight weeks?  Three months?  Four months?

Lead time is something we struggle with in the world of Vermont’s handmade furniture.  It used to be the typical lead time for a piece like the Modern American Buffet-Sideboard (shown above) was 5-8 weeks.  But, alas with the Internet– Vermont made furniture has been re-discovered! It’s popularity is growing and rightly so– it’s beautiful, affordable, American made and sustainable.

The downside of this popularity rebirth, however is that customers sometimes have to wait longer to receive their custom made treasures.  They ask us:  WHY DOES IT TAKE SO LONG?

Well I guess it all goes back to the laws of supply and demand.  A growing awareness of Vermont made to order furniture is keeping our independent woodworkers busy around the clock.  Many of them are growing their businesses in response to demand but it’s going to take a little time.  As they say… quality can’t be rushed.

In response to our steady growth, we recently allied with a furniture maker from across the river in New Hampshire, to design a couple new lines of furniture for us.  Quite a shocking move for a company that’s all about Vermont made furniture, but fortunately, the skills and aesthetics of local woodworkers doesn’t stop at the Connecticut River.  More on that move next week.

For now, I just want to assure you that we are doing our very best to keep lead times to a minimum.  Neville has placed a “Lead Time” tab on every product page to let you know the current estimated ETA for that piece, including shipping and delivery (the average lead time is about 9 weeks but, depending on the piece and the craftsman it could be anywhere between 5 and 18 weeks).

Although, occasionally a craftsman will get sick or a delivery truck will be detained by weather, we do our very best to ensure deliveries are made within those time frames.  If you have questions about an existing order, or are thinking of placing a new order– give our crackerjack sales and customer service staff (Liz, Sean, Michelle and Loryn) a call to discuss further specifics.  And let us know on Facebook:  how much time would you consider “reasonable” to wait for your made to order furniture?


Dominion Bedroom Furniture: The Week’s Best Seller

March 7th, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

Bedroom Furniture by Copeland | Dominion Collection | American Made

Copeland’s Dominion Bedroom Furniture set was our best seller last week. Think maybe it’s because this picture is so cheerful?  Who wouldn’t want their bedroom to look like this, especially when coming out of a long winter — heading into Spring.

Copeland’s Dominion bedroom furniture set was our best seller last week.  I love this picture, but the cool thing about Dominion is that you can customize it online to look exactly like this (above) or give it a totally different style. The photo above shows this high end bedroom set in natural cherry wood, although you can change the color online and add one of 3  stains:  cognac cherry, saddle cherry or smoke cherry.  For example, here’s a photo of the same Dominion bedroom in saddle cherry, which is darker than natural cherry and looks similar to walnut wood.


Copeland Dominion Bedroom Furniture

You can modify Copeland’s Dominion chests with different style tops and drawer pulls.  Customize any dresser, chest or night stand to fit in with your existing Shaker style or modern contemporary bedroom furniture.

You can also customize the Dominion bedroom set by changing the shape of the top of each chest or dresser.  In the photo above the chest on the left has a top that’s flush with the sides of the case, whereas the chest on the right has an over-hanging top.  It creates a whole different look!

Furthermore, if you choose small, round mushroom shaped drawer pulls along with the flush top (shown left), you’ve got a variation of traditional Shaker style furniture.  But by selecting brushed nickle bars for drawer pulls and pairing them with the over-hanging top, you’ve created a much different, modern contemporary look for the same chest.

Dominion beds are also highly customizable.  Copeland offers 4 main bed styles: the regular Dominion Bed (with choice of 4 different headboards), a storage bed version of it, the Dominion Bed with Leather Headboard (choose ebony, coffee or white colored leather) and a storage bed version of it.

Check it out!  This is your chance to design your own bedroom furniture and have it handcrafted especially for you, by Vermont craftsmen.  Copeland furniture is affordable too and offers a great value for your money, plus we guarantee it for a lifetime.  So what are you waiting for?


Customize Your Furniture to Fit in Your Space

October 20th, 2009 by Peggy Farabaugh

Cherry-moon-furniture I was just walking a customer through Arrange-A-Room, the software I blogged about in the last post when we realized how helpful it is in customizing your furniture to fit into your space.  Kelly is furnishing her bedroom with a bed, 2 night stands, and some combination of: a chest of drawers, a dresser, a TV armoire, a gent's chest and a sweater chest. 

She's now having fun playing with Arrange-A-Room and is happy to be able to size our furniture up or down to fit perfectly into her layout.

At Vermont Woods Studios we'll customize your furniture, usually at little or no additional expense.  Check it out!


Custom Wood Furniture: Top 10 Ways to get What You Want – Continued

October 10th, 2009 by Peggy Farabaugh

Continued from yesterday.

  • Select the furniture maker who has crafted pieces most similar to
    what you're looking for.  This is critical.  It's much easier and more
    affordable for them to customize something they've already designed and
    built than to start from scratch.
  • Ask the furniture maker about customizing existing pieces with your
    choice of wood, finish, hardware, dimensions, molding, leg style and so
    on.  Note: there is a big difference between commissioning an original, unique custom work of art and customizing an existing piece of furniture.
  • Discuss wood choices and characteristics with your furniture
    maker.  Are you trying to match this new piece with existing pieces in
    the same room?  If so, you may want to bring in that furniture or
    photos of those pieces to the workshop.
  • Discuss furniture finish with your furniture maker.  Do you want a
    natural oil finish or one that provides more protection against
    moisture and perhaps small hand-prints and such.  Or something in between.  There are many choices to consider.
  • Spend the time upfront to discuss the details of your furniture
    order up-front with your furniture maker.  Remember the old saying,
    "measure twice, cut once".  You don't want to have any surprises when it's time to install your furniture.
  • Have fun and enjoy the process.  Get to know your furniture maker. 
    His or her personality will be a significant part of the meaning of
    your new heirloom!

Is Everyone in Your House Under 5 Feet Tall?

April 4th, 2009 by Peggy Farabaugh

Or maybe over 6 feet tall?  If so, maybe it's time to think about Customized Furniture, that's made to order, specifically for you, your family and your home.

Of course, your height is just one of many reasons to choose customized furniture.  Maybe you have a narrow space between two windows, and you can't find the right size chest of drawers to fit.  Or perhaps your kitchen is long and narrow and you need a table that's 7 feet long and only 2 feet wide.

Whatever the reason, you can have your furniture customized to your exact specifications, so it fits perfectly into your home and your family's lifestyle.  And why not?

At Vermont Woods Studios, we build each piece of our fine, handcrafted furniture to order, especially for you.  So it's easy for us to shorten the height of your dresser, or widen the width of your table or make any number of other customizations you might need.  Often alterations can be made for little or no charge.  Give us a call (888-390-5571) and let's get started now!