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Handmade Living Room Furniture: A Customer Review

July 9th, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

Handmade Living Room Furniture: A Customer Review

Mallory and Craig of Fort Worth, Texas sent these photos and a customer review of the handmade living room furniture they recently received.

The best part of our work at Vermont Woods Studios is seeing photos of our handmade furniture after it’s been installed in a customer’s home.  I’m happy to say that we’ve put Vermont’s handmade furniture into homes in every state in America (including Alaska and Hawaii) as well as a handful of other countries.  But the drawback to serving such a wide-spread customer base is that we rarely get to install the furniture ourselves and see how it looks.  That makes our customer testimonials and reviews all the more important.

Last week we received this note from Mallory and Craig of  Fort Worth, Texas:

Vermont Woods Folks–   I wanted to let you know (at last!) how much we’re enjoying our stereo cabinet, coffee table, and console table. They’re gorgeous pieces and they’re perfect for our living room. I’ve attached a few photos, so you can see for yourselves.   We’ve been getting constant compliments and questions from friends and family members–so we’re hoping to send some new customers your way!   Many thanks,   Mallory and Craig

The handmade furniture in their photos was crafted in Montpelier, Vermont and is available in the Cherry Moon Furniture Collection and the Vermont Shaker Furniture Collection.  Check out more customer reviews in the testimonials section of our website, in the News and Reviews part of our blog or on Facebook.  If you have questions or you’d like to order handmade living room furniture for your home, give us a call.


Online Furniture Shopping: 2011 Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

December 6th, 2011 by Peggy Farabaugh

Furniture-reviews-ratingsYesterday I mentioned our Vermont Woods Studios Furniture Customer Satisfaction Survey.  As far as I know we are the only company in the furniture industry that's willing to publish candid customer reviews and survey rating results. 


It's not all perfect and I'll admit, I'm more than a bit uncomfortable publishing it.  Not because we're doing badly (we're actually doing great and getting better every day), but because there is much discussion needed to interpret the results. 


I'll be writing a number of additional posts over the next few weeks to discuss the details behind the numbers as well as our plans for improving them as we move forward.  I have to ask you to read the whole series of posts or you won't have an accurate picture of our customer reviews, and how they fit in with the broader context of the furniture industry.


I welcome your comments and suggestions throughout the process.  You can post them in the comments section below or on our Vermont Furniture Facebook.  To all of those customers who contributed to this assessment, we say thanks as we continue to work through implementing your input.


So… here's how customers rated our performance in the following areas:

   *   Would you purchase from Vermont Woods Studios Furniture again?

  1. Yes – 98.53%
  2. No – 0%
  3. No answer or not applicable – 1.47%

   *  Ease of ordering

  1. Excellent or very good – 97.1%
  2. Neutral – 2.9%
  3. Needs improvement – 1.45%
  4. Unsatisfactory – 0%
  5. No answer or not applicable – 0%

   *  Quality of furniture

  1. Excellent or very good – 94.03%
  2. Neutral – 1.49%
  3. Needs improvement – 0%
  4. Unsatisfactory – 0%
  5. No answer or not applicable – 4.48%

   *  Shipping and delivery

  1. Excellent or very good – 89.55%
  2. Neutral – 2.99%
  3. Needs improvement – 4.48%
  4. Unsatisfactory – 2.99%
  5. No answer or not applicable – 0%

   *  Response of customer sevice personnel

  1. Excellent or very good – 86.95% (many online orders require no interaction with customer service personnel, thus the 13% response for NA)
  2. Neutral – 0%
  3. Needs improvement – 0%
  4. Unsatisfactory – 0%
  5. No answer or not applicable – 13.04%

So there you have it– the good, the bad and the ugly of our customer satisfaction survey results.  Please check in over the next few weeks to see further details about what's behind the numbers and how we're working to continuously improve them.


What We’re Doing…The Best Furniture, Service, Price, and Overall Experience

February 15th, 2008 by Peggy Farabaugh

Hurwitz_dining_table Of course these have to be the foundation of our efforts for without these basics our time and yours would be wasted. We’re not aiming for “superior”, at Vermont Woods Studios we’ll settle for nothing less than the best. We don’t want you to just be happy with your purchase, we want you to become raving fans! We need you to refer your friends and family to us and come back to us the next time you need furniture, so you will see that we are obsessed with making sure everything is just right. Check out our Testimonials page and see what I mean.