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Dining Room Revamp: Vermont Furniture To The Rescue!

April 17th, 2014 by Kelsey Eaton

Before & After

While the old vintage chairs are  charming, our Vermont made Shaker Style Ingrid dining chairs are sumptuous and chic.

We’re always happy to see the transformation of our customers homes. It’s exciting because there’s more to it than just the furniture. Seeing their progress reveals a little bit about their own story, and we’re flattered to be a part of that story!

The photos above show a before and after by our customer & new friend, Alice D. After falling in love with her Vermont Made Shaker Table, she decided to add our elegant Ingrid Cherry chairs. We love the way the new chairs have added a feeling of sophistication to the dining space. 

The Shaker Style Ingrid chair in Cherry Wood is a wonderful choice for anyone looking to make their dining space more chic and classy. It’s a modern take on traditional Shaker style furniture, as it uses the same balanced proportions and clean lines but modernizes it with the luxurious upholstery.

The chairs shown in the photo feature American Cherry hardwood with plush Celedon Microsuede fabric seating. Ingrid chairs have a comfortable open back, with the option for side or arm chair style. This chair style is designed to wear well, and the polyester fabric is durable enough to be used by your whole family.

As the centerpiece of the room, the handcrafted Custom Vermont Shaker Dining Table is one of our most popular dining tables. People love it because while its beautiful and luxurious looking, it’s meant to be used. You can feel comfortable seating your friends and family around it! It’s a highly customizable piece and can be built to fit practically any dining room size.

These hardwood cherry furniture pieces add style and sophistication to this already beautiful space. We’re so happy to be a part of it and look forward to seeing more transformation!

What do you think? Do you like the dining room with the vintage furniture or the Vermont Furniture? Let us know in the comments section of this blog! 


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Vermont Made Furniture: Customer Photos

October 14th, 2013 by Kelsey Eaton

We always say that we think our customers are some of the best interior designers, because the furniture looks so wonderful when you can tell that someone is really using it and enjoying it. This is why we appreciated these photos that were sent in by one of our customers today so much! Cheryl L. shared the following 3 photos of our Vermont Made furniture in her home–The Modern Designer Coffee Table, The American Mission Barstools, and the Modern Designer Sofa Table.

Modern Designer Coffee Table

The Modern Designer Coffee Table



American Mission Bar Stool

Our American Mission Bar Stools looking fabulous with this kitchen set up!


Modern Designer Sofa Table

Modern Designer Sofa Table


Have you bought furniture from us before? Would you like your photos to be featured in a blog or on our fan photo Facebook album? If so, post your photos to our Facebook page or send them to !


Customer Photos

March 25th, 2013 by Liz Francese

Recently my fellow office inhabitant, Sean Henry, began spear-heading our mission to obtain more customer photos or ‘real life’ images of our furniture.  His unbroken concentration certainly lends much, sometimes unnecessary, dedication to his projects- so, as the more vocally inclined, I’ve taken it upon myself to help spread the word via VWS blog.  This word is not just a want for more customer photos but the undying effort of our sales team to obtain these images.

Why customer photos?  Well, the long and short of it is best told visually.  This is a bedroom set:

Cherry Moon Bedroom Set

Cherry Moon Bedroom Set

And this is a bedroom set:

Cherry Moon Bedroom Set- Customer Photo

Cherry Moon Bedroom Set- Customer Photo

Which do you want more?  And it isn’t even just the marketing power behind these inviting images but more the representational power of them.  These handcrafted works of art are meant to please your eye and provide restful sleep or feed your family or hold your cable box- they’re meant for your home!

Fresh eyed and bushy tailed, Sean joined our crew only a few months ago, eager to make his mark and share his ideas (or “i-dears”, as he calls them).  Though he’s tossed quite a few light bulbs around, it is really his re-kindling of the long forgotten ‘obtain customer photos’ mission that’s become his baby.  Our white glove delivery crew might have barely made it out the door before the proud new furniture owner receives an email from Sean, adorned with this thoughtfully designed marquee:

Customer Photos

So, if you’re a perspective buyer or just a handmade furniture fan- take a look at our customer photos album on Facebook or the Testimonials page on our website.  If you already own a piece of Vermont Woods Studios furniture, well heck- we’d love to see it!  Do it for Sean, at least.