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Craftsman Furniture That’s American Made? Try Vermont!

August 11th, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

American Made Craftsman Style Furniture | Real Solid Wood | Vermont

Today’s Vermont made mission, craftsman and arts & crafts style furniture ranges from the traditional American Mission Furniture Collection to our transitional Cherry Moon Furniture Collection and Modern American Dining Furniture (shown above).

Looking for top quality, craftsman furniture that’s American made?  Why not start your search in Vermont?  We’ve gathered up an encyclopedia of facts about Vermont craftsmanship and state’s 200+ year history as a maker of high quality, solid wood furniture.  Here’s an exceprt:

Vermont is the Fine Furniture Capital of America. The Green Mountain State is increasingly recognized as the country’s leader in high quality, handmade wood furniture. Vermont boasts over 1000 furniture companies plus 2000 independent woodworkers operating out of small shops, barns and garages. They produce a diverse collection of wood furnishings for every taste and budget and together they have earned a world-wide reputation for integrity, authenticity and green design.

Craftsman furniture is a favorite style amongst Vermont woodworkers and one of my personal favorites.  At Vermont Woods Studios we showcase a variety of Mission, Craftsman and Arts & Crafts Furniture designed and built by our state’s fine furniture makers.

What Defines Craftsman Furniture?

Originally, mission and craftsman furniture was characterized by rectilinear design, simple, straight construction, heavy proportion and exposed joinery, often using medium or dark stained oak. Drawer pulls were usually simple round brass rings or rectangular back plates of solid brass with canted corners and an oval bail handle.  But like all things, craftsman furniture has evolved.

Today’s Vermont made mission, craftsman and arts & crafts style furniture ranges from the traditional American Mission Furniture Collection to our Cherry Moon Furniture Collection which incorporates subtle curves in an Asian design to the modern Contemporary Craftsman furniture, also somewhat curvy but still simple and elegant.  Rather than fancy, ornate scrolling or carving, craftsman furniture emphasizes fine workmanship in the form of refined style, perfect proportions, exposed joinery and top quality wood selection.

Need some ideas for how to put together your own unique craftsman style home decor?  Check out this Pinterest craftsman board, or browse through Arts and Crafts.  And if you’re looking for craftsman style lighting to complement your furniture, Vermont’s own Hubbardton Forge is the authority on that subject.  Here’s a Pinterest board with some great lighting ideas.


Mission and Craftsman Style Furniture: Making A Comeback!

April 3rd, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

Mission and Craftsman Style Furniture: Making a Come Back!

Vermont is home to some of the best mission and craftsman style furniture the world has to offer.  Check out this Contemporary Craftsman Furniture set.   We’re happy to report that it’s making a comeback in the world of fine furniture fashion. 

Did you know that furniture goes in and out of fashion, just like clothing?  Weird, huh?  You can find out what the latest furniture styles are at any one of a plethora of fine furniture fairs in New York, Paris, Milan, High Point (North Carolina), Las Vegas and lots of other-worldly places.  There’s a whole industry of consultants that (secretly) meet to decide what the next season’s styles and colors will be.  Their “recommendations” are followed by all the big furniture companies and that’s why you see so much similarity in offerings from year to year.

Recently, the new furniture styles have had an ultra modern theme, with bright neon colors, lots of glass, plastic & aluminum construction and the occasional fake fur accent.  So we’re pleasantly surprised to see the re-emergence of Mission and Craftsman Style Furniture in the fashion lineup.  Maybe people have had enough of those interesting conversation pieces and are longing for something beautiful, comfortable and functional for their homes.

Cherry Wood Mission and Craftsman Style Furniture

 Our Cherry Moon Mission and Craftsman Style Bedroom Furniture is handmade of solid cherry wood with solid walnut accents.  It’s popularity endures — independent of the latest trends defined by international furniture-style specialists.

For generations Vermont has been the premiere point of origin for some of the best mission and craftsman style furniture the world has to offer.  Check out the Contemporary Craftsman Furniture set shown above.  The emphasis for this craftsman is simple elegance– using honest handcrafted, wooden furniture to transform a home into an authentic, relaxed, uncluttered haven for all those who enter.

In Vermont we don’t pay all that much attention to the latest high fashion trends in furniture styles.  What we do focus on though, is genuine high quality, handcrafted, solid wood furniture that’s 100% USA made and guaranteed for a lifetime of enjoyment in your home.  Find more mission and craftsman style furniture sets on our website, Facebook and Pinterest boards.



Mission & Craftsman Style Furniture

October 6th, 2012 by Peggy Farabaugh

American Made Mission and Craftsman Style Furniture | Handmade in Vermont

Vermont has long been known for it’s authentic, handmade Mission and Craftsman style furniture. Today’s artisans are adapting traditional designs to modern lifestyles while retaining our high standards for quality and sustainability.

What do you like most about Mission and Craftsman style furniture?  Customers shopping for this type of wooden furniture often tell us they’re looking for simple, natural designs and honest craftsmanship. Their search leads them to Vermont.  With it’s 200 year tradition of authentic, high quality woodworking, the Green Mountain State has earned a reputation of being the Fine Furniture Capital of America.

Mission and craftsman style furniture is being handmade in every corner of our state.  This weekend our artisans are opening their doors to visitors who want to see their craftsmanship in action.  You probably know this already but before you come, I should be clear.  In Vermont you’re not going to find much in the way of fancy Victorian carving or ornamental scrolling (we leave that to global conglomerates that use lots of CNC machinery and exploited labor to produce high volumes of low quality furniture).

Instead, in the Green Mountain State you’ll see the real thing: a tradition of simple (but precise) elegance in furniture making.  Fine quality construction, high value raw materials, local skilled labor, fair wages, human rights and environmental responsibility are hallmarks of Vermont’s fine furniture industry. The Mission and Craftsman style furniture that comes out of Vermont has a certain charm, grace, delicacy and simplicity reflecting those values and it just cannot be duplicated by mass production.

If you’re out and about leaf peeping this beautiful Autumn weekend, stop by some of our state’s premiere furniture studios and check out some real mission and craftsman style furniture and the artisans who create it.