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Copeland Fine Furniture: Coming To Vermont Woods Studios Soon!

November 14th, 2011 by Peggy Farabaugh



Copeland Furniture is now available at Vermont Woods Studios.  Browse through our collection of:

Copeland Bedroom Furniture
Copeland Home Office Furniture
Copeland TV-Media Furniture and
Copeland Dining Furniture

Customize Copeland Furniture online or give us a call with your questions. 

Customers have been asking us for a wider selection of sustainable Vermont made furniture so we've been travelling all around our state in search of the next furniture company to feature on our website.  Last week Dennis and Douglas made a trip up to Bradford, VT to meet with Joann Phelps and the Copeland Furniture crew.  We've been admiring the work of this family-owned company for many years and are proud to announce we will soon be carrying their full line of Vermont made furniture including the Frank Lloyd Wright┬« collection. 

We're working on getting their fine furniture up on our website now and plan to have everything ready by the end of this year.  In the meantime, we are already taking orders so feel free to call us and discuss your (100% American Made) Copeland Furniture needs.  We thank Tim and Ben Copeland for including Vermont Woods Studios in the Copeland Furniture retailer family.


Vermont’s Furniture Makers: A Case Study in Sustainability

November 4th, 2009 by Peggy Farabaugh

Vermont Handmade Furniture

I attended a Vermont Wood Manufacturer's Association (VWMA) meeting last Friday that was held at Copeland Furniture in Bradford, VT.  I'm always amazed when getting together with all these talented artisans and furniture makers.  They're creative not only about their furniture designs, but also about the other aspects that are required to keep their businesses sustainable these days.

Tim Copeland was showing us the piles of wood shavings that are generated from milling and sanding his lumber.  He's setting up a system to convert the shavings and sawdust into wood pellets to use for heating.  Tim said he'll be able to heat his entire facility with the wood pellets and in addition, he'll have a new revenue stream generated by the surplus pellets. 

Just one of the many sustainable practices that Vermont's furniture makers have been working through for generations.