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Asian Style Furniture: A Customer Review

February 19th, 2014 by Kelsey Eaton


Asian Style Dresser & Chest

The Monterey 5 Drawer Chest is a traditional piece of Asian Style furniture in it’s simplistic yet stylish detailing, like the beautiful zen style drawer pulls. Featured in cherry wood, this piece brings the calm of the natural world right into your bedroom.

Asian style furniture has clean lines & edges with understated detailing– it makes any room feel more relaxed, organic, and comfortably chic. Another commonly used term for Asian style decor and furniture is Wabi Sabi Style, a style that embraces harmonious imperfection.

Earlier this week we received a great customer review and photo from our dear customer, Veronica K., who fell in love with her new zen style dresser chest. Here’s what Veronica had to say:

“I was looking for a new dresser with clean lines and an Asian feel and found the perfect piece in the Monterey Five Drawer Chest. The wood is beautiful and the dresser is very well crafted. The details are what make the piece so great right down to the drawers that glide like a dream. I like that it’s made in the United States and when I spoke to the people at the store to ask questions they were very friendly and courteous. The dresser arrived without a scratch and my entire experience with Vermont Woods Studios was great! Thanks, Veronica.”

We’re so happy that we could provide the perfect Asian style piece to accentuate Veronica’s zen-like bedroom space! If you’re looking for your own oriental influenced bedroom furniture, browse our Astrid & Monterey bedroom collections to find something you love!
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Frank Lloyd Wright Furniture to be Discontinued by Copeland

May 11th, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

Frank Lloyd Wright Furniture - Discontinued by Copeland

Need to round out your Frank Lloyd Wright Furniture collection?  Better give Liz or Sean a call today as Copeland Furniture will be discontinuing this line as of June 30, 2013.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings but we were informed by Copeland Furniture yesterday that the following collections of their Frank Lloyd Wright furniture line are being discontinued as of June 30, 2013:

We are sorry to see these pieces go as they were a big hit with our customers.  If you currently have Frank Lloyd Wright furniture and think you may want to round out your collection, now is the time to do it.  Give Sean or Liz and call with any questions or to place an order.

On the upside, because of the limited nature of the pieces they are sure to gain value over time as they become collectors items.  The Dana Thomas Grand Dining Collection, FLW Barrel chairs, the Boynton chairs, the Usonian Collection, the Heurtley House chairs and all of the Copeland Frank Lloyd Wright furniture pieces would certainly be a good investment at this time.





Dominion Bedroom Furniture: The Week’s Best Seller

March 7th, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

Bedroom Furniture by Copeland | Dominion Collection | American Made

Copeland’s Dominion Bedroom Furniture set was our best seller last week. Think maybe it’s because this picture is so cheerful?  Who wouldn’t want their bedroom to look like this, especially when coming out of a long winter — heading into Spring.

Copeland’s Dominion bedroom furniture set was our best seller last week.  I love this picture, but the cool thing about Dominion is that you can customize it online to look exactly like this (above) or give it a totally different style. The photo above shows this high end bedroom set in natural cherry wood, although you can change the color online and add one of 3  stains:  cognac cherry, saddle cherry or smoke cherry.  For example, here’s a photo of the same Dominion bedroom in saddle cherry, which is darker than natural cherry and looks similar to walnut wood.


Copeland Dominion Bedroom Furniture

You can modify Copeland’s Dominion chests with different style tops and drawer pulls.  Customize any dresser, chest or night stand to fit in with your existing Shaker style or modern contemporary bedroom furniture.

You can also customize the Dominion bedroom set by changing the shape of the top of each chest or dresser.  In the photo above the chest on the left has a top that’s flush with the sides of the case, whereas the chest on the right has an over-hanging top.  It creates a whole different look!

Furthermore, if you choose small, round mushroom shaped drawer pulls along with the flush top (shown left), you’ve got a variation of traditional Shaker style furniture.  But by selecting brushed nickle bars for drawer pulls and pairing them with the over-hanging top, you’ve created a much different, modern contemporary look for the same chest.

Dominion beds are also highly customizable.  Copeland offers 4 main bed styles: the regular Dominion Bed (with choice of 4 different headboards), a storage bed version of it, the Dominion Bed with Leather Headboard (choose ebony, coffee or white colored leather) and a storage bed version of it.

Check it out!  This is your chance to design your own bedroom furniture and have it handcrafted especially for you, by Vermont craftsmen.  Copeland furniture is affordable too and offers a great value for your money, plus we guarantee it for a lifetime.  So what are you waiting for?


Copeland Furniture Update

December 21st, 2012 by Peggy Farabaugh

Copeland Furniture

Copeland Furniture Update.  If you’re looking to shop online for Vermont made furniture and can’t find what you need, give us a call.

A number of customers have phoned and emailed us recently asking what happened to Copeland Furniture in our online shopping store.  Not to worry, it’s still here.  We apologize.  We’ve had a couple issues with the Copeland section of our website and we’re working as fast as we can to get them corrected.  If you’re looking to shop online for Vermont made furniture and can’t find what you need on our website, please give us a call.

Thanks for your continued support of our work at Vermont Woods Studios.



Moduluxe Collection? Can You Define That, Please?

December 6th, 2012 by Kelsey Eaton

Copeland Moduluxe Collection

Copeland 29″ Moduluxe Collection shown in natural cherry wood with upholstered headboard.

We recently added a large bedroom collection to our online gallery called the Moduluxe Collection. This collection is made by Copeland Furniture of Bradford, Vermont. The Moduluxe Collection is comprised of almost 40 pieces of bedroom furniture that is highly customizable. The pieces within this collection can be paired together as stand alone pieces, or can be configured as sectional bedroom furniture for a semi-built in look. Every piece of furniture in this collection is available in your choice of natural maple, walnut, or cherry hardwood, and can be customized with 12 stain options.

The Moduluxe Collection is broken down into three series on our website: Copeland 29″ Moduluxe Collection, Copeland 35″ Moduluxe Collection, and Copeland Moduluxe Storage Bed Collection. The reason they are broken down into three different series is because of their configurability. In order to join the pieces together, they must be the same height (either 29″ or 35″), and therefore, in the same series.


Bed with Storage - Moduluxe Collection

Beds are available in 3 headboard options: panel (shown), clapboard, or upholstered. Available as a platform bed or bed with storage (as shown).

Moduluxe Beds

The 29″ and 35″ Series each have 3 modern platform beds. These beds feature a deeply set plinth base for a dramatic floating motif. The beds are available in three headboard types: a panel headboard, a clapboard headboard, and an upholstered headboard (available in leather or microfiber). The height of the headboard depends on the series, it will either be 29″ high or 35″ high.

If you’re looking for a bed with storage, the Moduluxe Storage Bed Collection has storage beds available in 3 different headboards. The headboard choices are the same as the 29″ and 35″ series: panel, clapboard, or upholstered headboards. The storage bed is always 35″ high to accommodate the under bed storage. The storage beds feature 4, eight inch deep, sub-mounted drawers. This provides inconspicuous storage, freeing up extra space in your bedroom. The storage bed is a perfect option for a small bedroom or studio apartment.

Copeland Moduluxe Collection with platform bed & integrated nightstands

35″ platform bed with clapboard headboard shown with integrated nightstands.

Moduluxe Nightstands

There are two types of integrated nightstands that are compatible with the beds in each of the Moduluxe series. Each of the nightstand types are classified as “integrated nightstands” because they must be connected to a bed and cannot stand alone. Nightstands are available with one drawer or with a shelf, and available in two width sizes: 18″w or 24″w.

Moduluxe Case Goods

Within each series, you will find a large variety of wood chests and dressers that will fit any storage needs. A unique thing about the Moduluxe Collection is that it has corner cabinets and chests, which allow you to wrap your furniture around your bedroom, saving space. The corner bedroom pieces are intended to be configured with other dressers and chests within the series for a semi-built in feel. The rest of the chests and dressers can also be configured with other pieces in the collection; however, they also look stylish standing alone.


Moduluxe Bedroom Sets by Copeland Furniture: Coming Soon

November 13th, 2012 by Peggy Farabaugh

Copeland Moduluxe Bedroom Sets

This Copeland Moduluxe Bedroom Furniture is a modular sectional set that looks built in.  It’s highly customizable.  Mix and match from over 30 interchangeable pieces to meet your needs and fit perfectly into your space.

I spent most of today working with a “high functioning team”of professionals at Vermont Woods Studios.  We were focused on getting Copeland’s new Moduluxe Bedroom Furniture ready for launch but it turns out we also had a lot of fun.  Dennis, Heather B, Loryn, Trenton, Tristan and I crammed ourselves into a small office and hunkered down to crank out the work.  I am amazed at how much we got done.  We still have a few odds and ends to tie up, but we should be able to publish the new Moduluxe pieces by Friday at the latest.

Contemporary Modular, Sectional Bedroom Furniture

Copeland unveiled Moduluxe at the annual Fall Furniture Market in High Point, North Carolina last month and it immediately hit the best seller list.  I daresay it has already spawned several knock-offs, one of which is coming out under a Brad Pitt label, believe it or not.  The Moduluxe idea is to provide sectional, modular wood furniture for a built in look.  There are 33 mix and match pieces to choose from.  Integrated nightstands are adjoined to the bed headboards and various size chests and dressers latch onto the other side of the nightstands.  Pieces can be configured in many customizable designs to best fit your space.  Corner pieces even allow your design to wrap around the room!  Modern style is the ticket with clean, contemporary lines and tons of storage space.  There’s even an optional platform storage bed.  A place for everything.  About the only thing there’s no room for is an excuse not to have a tidy bedroom.

Check back later this week for more details on this Vermont made, solid wood bedroom set.

And thanks to everyone on our team for doing such a great job getting Moduluxe off the ground today!



Copeland Furniture: How To Get The Best Price

November 5th, 2012 by Peggy Farabaugh

Copeland Furniture | Monterey Bedroom Set | Best Prices

If you’re looking to purchase Copeland furniture, like most shoppers, you’re  looking for the best price and most dependable shipping-delivery service (shown above, Copeland’s Monterey collection blends modern Asian design with elements of traditional American Arts and Crafts). 

Copeland Furniture

Copeland furniture is one of Vermont’s most recognizable home furniture brands. For over 30 years, Tim Copeland and his family have been building a reputation for world class, high end furniture in a variety of crisp, clean designs.  Shaker style defined Copeland’s early furniture but over the years many additional styles have evolved.  The Monterey collection (shown above) blends Asian design with elements of traditional American Arts and Crafts.  More recent collections like the Astrid, Catalina and SoHo collections reflect American mid-century modern designs.

How to Get the Best Prices

If you’re looking to purchase Copeland furniture, like most shoppers you’re probably looking for the best price.  And you’ve noticed that all retailers are charging essentially the same price.  Well, that’s no coincidence.  Like many furniture companies, Copeland publishes a minimum price that retailers must abide by.  This is the lowest price you’ll ever see on Copeland furniture in any retail store.  It’s a fair price and commensurate with the true value of Copeland’s furniture.  It’s meant to help keep Copeland’s retailers from going out of business, declaring bankruptcy and damaging the Vermont furniture industry.  Thus if you’re shopping for Copeland furniture you’re not going to get less than this price unless you’re buying a floor model, a return or a scratch and ding sample.

So… first thing when shopping for Copeland furniture is to make sure you insist on getting this minimum price.

Buy Copeland Furniture in Sets and Save on Shipping

Next thing, especially if you’re shopping online is to negotiate the lowest price for white glove shipping and delivery.  This is an important service as  you do not want a box full of expensive, high end, HEAVY furniture being delivered to your home by UPS.  Or placed on the curbside (a common practice) when you have no way to get it into the house and possibly up a flight of stairs or two.

The best way to save on white glove shipping is to purchase Copeland furniture as a set.  If a retailer charges the typical $300 per item for white glove shipping and delivery, that adds up quickly.  Buy the furniture as a set instead and pay a total of $450 to ship all the pieces together.  Buying several pieces?  You could save hundreds or even thousands.

At Vermont Woods Studios, because we are just down the road from Copeland Furniture  we ship more efficiently and economically than other retailers.  That savings is passed on to our customers.   We are committed to offering the best prices on Copeland Furniture and even have a low price guarantee.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Copeland Furniture at Vermont Woods Studios

Now that you know how to get the best price, check out nine more reasons to buy Copeland furniture from Vermont Woods Studios.



Copeland Furniture Update: Bye Bye Lily

October 15th, 2012 by Peggy Farabaugh


Copeland Furniture | Lily Bedroom Set Collection | American Made | Real Solid Wood

The Lily Bedroom Set made by Vermont’s Copeland Furniture Company is being discontinued as of December 1, 2012. If you’re looking to add to your Lily set, now’s the time to make your move!  Give us a call or order online today.

Copeland Furniture will be rolling out their new products for 2013 this week at the Highpoint Furniture Market in North Carolina.  Each year at the Fall Market Copeland announces which products are being changed, discontinued and added to their luxury line of Vermont made furniture.  Dennis and Heather are analyzing Copeland’s changes now and we’ll highlight them over the next few weeks.

One thing I wanted to mention right away though, is that the Copeland Lily Collection is being discontinued as of December 1, 2012.  I know many of you have previously purchased Lily beds, dressers, chests and nightstands for your bedroom and if you’re looking to complete your set, now is the time to make your move.

We hate to see Lily go as this natural maple, transitional Shaker style furniture has been a favorite among our customers. But there is an upside for you.  Typically when fine furniture collections like this are discontinued, their value is increased as they become more rare and unique over time.  Your Vermont made bedroom set may one day be a collector’s item and you can hand it down through your family for generations.  Give Liz and Heather a call today or complete your Lily bedroom furniture set by ordering it online through our secure server.


Fine Wood Furniture: Origin, Sustainability and Karma

January 3rd, 2012 by Peggy Farabaugh

Clearlake-rockerA couple weeks ago I attempted to work through a definition of "fine wood furniture" at the request of one of our customers.  I couldn't find any type of universally (or even generally) agreed-upon definition, so I thought I'd try to make one up.  But as I waded into it, I realized how difficult even that is. 

There's just so much ground to cover in "fine wood furniture" such as style, type of wood used, craftsmanship, type of joinery used, finishing products and techniques, the use of hand tools versus precision machinery, the use of veneers versus solid wood, and of course durability and longevity. 

So I've been opining my way through each area– well just to generate some discussion really, because I think that would be more valuable than an attempted definition of "fine wood furniture".


Today I wanted to talk about where "fine wood furniture" comes from and how it makes it's way to your bedroom or kitchen.  Would you believe that most of the so called "fine wood furniture" that's sold in America today is made in China or VietNam from wood that was logged unsustainably (and often illegally) from the rainforests of South America, Africa, Siberia and Asia?  I know it sounds like extremist rhetoric, but it's really not.  Kendall just published a page on sustainable furniture today, reminding us about the environmental damage that comes from rainforest destruction.

So my point is, if you're going to define fine wood furniture, you probably do need to address where it comes from.  Furniture from small companies like Vermont Woods Studios that use American-grown, sustainably-harvested wood and local craftspeople is different than furniture that's made overseas with illegal wood by people paid 25 cents/hour.  It feels different.  It has better "karma".  It makes you feel proud to own it.  You find yourself telling people all about where you got it and how long it took to make and how the joinery is designed, right? 

Another note– most American fine wood furniture comes with a lifetime guarantee– an important indication of sustainability.

Next post, I'd like to share some sustainable practices I've been impressed with at Copeland Furniture and Clearlake Furniture, both Vermont companies.  After looking at the green practices Vermont furniture makers have been famous for over many generations, you may find youself agreeing with me that Vermont is the Fine Furniture Capital of America.

Thanks to Clearlake Furniture for the photo of their Rocking Chair


Copeland Furniture Update

December 29th, 2011 by Peggy Farabaugh

Copeland-vt-furnitureLast month I mentioned that we had made the decision to add Copeland Furniture's beautiful Vermont made collection to our online furniture store. Since then we've been researching and studying the details about this luxury furniture line.  I am amazed at the diversity of styles and construction designs offered by Copeland.  And at the affordability they have engineered into their furniture through high-precision processes.

Tim Copeland started his company in 1974 as a one-man operation in a garage in rural Vermont. His earlier designs were inspired by Shaker furniture but now Copeland Furniture offers many creative styles including Shaker, Mid Century modern, Danish, Scandinavian, Asian, Arts and Crafts, Japanese, and transitional designs. 

Dennis is our point person on Copeland Furniture and he's been feverishly working away over the last several weeks. He's drafted over 100 new Copeland product pages and has been bringing the rest of us up to speed on Copeland styles and construction details.  My job is to polish and publish Dennis' draft pages.  Kendall is creating information pages that explain construction details and finish options for the different collections.  Manjula is orchestrating the whole project and fixing our mistakes as we go.

So far we've been able to add most of the products in Copeland's Berkeley, Catalina, Harbor Island, Horizon and Lily collections.  I figure we're about 30% through the project but we're picking up speed and we're hoping to have it complete within a couple weeks.  In the meantime, if you're interested in purchasing and our website doesn't yet have the details you need, you can find our Copeland Furniture catalog, policies and prices here.  Or give Rebecca and Shannon a call at 888-390-5571 with your questions.  We'll look forward to hearing your thoughts about this new Vermont made furniture line.