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2 Day Benefit Sale for WCHS!

February 22nd, 2014 by Kelsey Eaton

Contemporary Craftsman Furniture On sale

Roofus loves the Contemporary Craftsman low footboard bed he’s sitting on, and wants to let you know that its on sale!

While you might have noticed that we’re currently holding a bedroom sale, we’re also doing a special weekend benefit sale for the Windham County Humane Society! This weekend only, $50 from every sale will go towards this great cause. The Windham County Humane Society is a non profit organization that helps animals in unfortunate situations find loving homes.  This organization advocates for animals and we’re always happy to support that!

Browse our collections of American made furniture and feel good knowing that if you purchase this weekend, not only are you supporting a small American business– you’re also helping keep an animal safe, happy, and well fed!

 Want to learn more about WCHS ? Learn more at their website.

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Investing in the Community: VWS Donates to Windham County Humane Society

February 20th, 2014 by Kelsey Eaton

Vermont Woods Studios Mission

Loryn, our community outreach coordinator, is passionate about the animals and used to work with WCHS before coming to Vermont Woods Studios. She loves getting out into the community and helping out a good cause; both at work and during her free time.

Supporting good community causes is a big part of our mission, and it’s something that each of us at Vermont Woods Studios is passionate about personally. So it makes sense that we didn’t hesitate to get over to the Windham County Humane Society, even during a snowstorm. If there’s one thing that separates Vermonters from the rest, it’s our ability to completely go on with our day normally in weather conditions that the rest of the country panics about. That, and our dedication to helping out our neighbors, of course!

(For the record, none of us actually knew it would be snowing this much when we ventured out. Safety first!)

Yesterday, Loryn & I visited the humane society to drop off our donations to their Wags to Riches auction and fundraiser–and to pick up our tickets for the event! I even got a new dog tag, for my darling Chihuahua, Pappy!

The WCHS team was super appreciative of our donation, and emphasized how much community support matters to them. Without the kind support of businesses and community members, WCHS wouldn’t be able to work as hard and help as many animals as they do. The Windham County Humane Society “is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of animals and enhancing the relationship between individuals and pets through adoption, education, advocacy, compassion and promotion of animal welfare.” They  help “stray, abandoned, neglected and surrendered pets by giving them a second chance at a healthy, happy life.”

We’re happy to support them, and are even more excited to attend the amazing Wags to Riches auction on March 1st. Loryn will be writing a blog about it when the date gets closer, so stay tuned!

If you’d like to contribute to WCHS, read more about ways to help out on their website!


| This blog is written by your friends at Vermont Woods Studios. Check out our Vermont made furniture and home decor online and visit our showroom and art gallery at Stonehurst, a 200 year old farmhouse nestled in the foothills of the Green Mountains. |



Supporting the Womens Freedom Center

January 18th, 2014 by Kelsey Eaton

You might not expect this from a small furniture company in Vermont, but two of us who work here are bellydancers! (I know, weird right?!) I started teaching classes in Brattleboro last summer, and Liz has been taking them with me ever since. Bellydance is a great way to build confidence, positive body image, and it’s a pretty great workout too!

Today, January 18th 2014, I am hosting a bellydance benefit show for the Womens Freedom Center of Brattleboro. The Womens Freedom center supports women who have been victims of domestic violence with Shelter, a 24 hour safety hotline, Support groups, community education, safety planning, and more! They have been a major part of the Brattleboro community and I’m so glad to be hosting this benefit for them.

What’s even greater is the fact that the Brattleboro community (surrounding towns included) have shown an overwhelming amount of support for our benefit show– including Vermont Woods Studios.

On Saturday, January 18th (today!) Vermont Woods Studios has offered to donate $20 from every order to go towards our benefit for the Womens Freedom Center!

If you’ve been thinking about making a purchase but haven’t had the motivation to buy, let this be your motivation & know that your furniture helped support a wonderful cause. Browse our collections of wood furniture.

Not ready to buy but still want to support the cause? Here’s how you can get involved!




Caring for the Community: Kelsey & Sean do Meals on Wheels

August 17th, 2013 by Kelsey Eaton

Vermont Woods Studios fine furniture participates in meals on wheels!

Do you see my new friend behind me? :)

Every Friday Peggy goes to the local nursing home and picks up meals on wheels for local Vernon residents. But on Friday, Sean and I got to go out and meet some awesome senior folks from the area and deliver their meals on wheels! We handed out a weekends worth of cold and hot food to nine different people around the town. It was great to see how happy and appreciative they were of the food, and we were really glad that we got the experience to meet them and be a part of the program. It was interesting to see that for some people there was more than just the food to really look forward to… it was just being around someone who was eager to say hello and listen to a story or to (or three or more for some people!)

When I first applied to Vermont Woods Studios, one of the things that really excited me was the fact that the company is mission driven. And while our mission is about sustainability, caring for your neighbors (particularly those in need) is a practice of sustainability. When you form a connection with your community members and neighbors, even something as small as volunteering to drop off food to local elderly people once a week is improving your local, community environment. It’s helping people sustain healthy, comfortable lives, and ending senior hunger!

Programs like meals on wheels are so encouraging. It helps you see that the little things count so much, and it only takes one action to really make someones day! If you’re having a bad day, I’d challenge you to go out and do something nice for someone in need, it’s hard to feel bad when you are making someone else smile. :)

To get involved with your local meals on wheels program, visit the Meals on Wheels Association of America!


Vermont Fireworks: Bringing the Community Together

July 3rd, 2013 by Kelsey Eaton

Vermont Fireworks

Lighting up the sky.

I could go on and on about the reasons that I love Vermont– and if you’ve read my previous blogs, then you’d see that I already have. Its hard not to feel passionate about a place that values community as much as Vermont does. And it only makes sense that this week, only a few days away from the 4th of July, and a few days past the terrible tragedy that occurred in Arizona, that I write a little about community.

The week of Independence day is always an intense one, whether its because we’re just beginning to experience the real hot days of summer,  or because its jam packed with planning for the in-laws to arrive for a mid-day BBQ, this week is usually a memorable one. A huge part of what makes this week is so memorable and important is because of the fireworks displays. Fireworks have the innate power to move people. I can still remember the faint sniffles and tears I witnessed from my grandmother as she listened to the womping sounds of the fireworks and the way their explosive colors filled the entire sky, several years ago. And she wasn’t the only one that was touched by them– little girls stood with their mouths open in total awe of the booming, cracking, bursts of color and light…. new parents would hold their babies close to their chests and cover their ears to protect them from the noise, while the couples would lean on each other and savor the closeness of the moment, surrounded by neighbors and friends.

Vermont Fireworks

Explosions of Color


Its nights like these, where the whole community huddles together and just takes a moment to breathe that I find so special. Some people may think that you have to live in a big city to get to watch great fireworks, but that certainly isn’t true, especially not in Vermont where even the smallest communities make it a point to get outside and celebrate together.

If you’re local, and are looking for Vermont fireworks, click here.

However you choose to spend your 4th of July week, be sure to take some time to soak in the beauty of the moment with the people closest to you!