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12 Days of Savings: Highlighting 12 Favorite Furniture Designs

December 26th, 2013 by Kelsey Eaton

At most Vermont Furniture stores you won’t find the exemplary quality, selection, and customer service that you get when shopping at Vermont Woods Studios. We’re proud to offer thousands of unique furniture pieces– many of which can be customized to suit your exact taste and space. With our 12 days of savings Winter Holiday Sale, you have the opportunity to save 20% on the perfect furniture to complete your bedroom, living room, dining room, or home office. You won’t find a larger or better selection of top quality Vermont made furniture anywhere else! To make your experience a little bit easier, we’ve highlighted 12 furniture designs that our customers love.


1. Vermont Shaker Moon Bed: This handcrafted cherry bed features clean, simple lines, tapered legs and arching curves in the headboard and footboard. This piece is an eco-friendly Shaker-style bed with a sturdy platform, built to last for generations, & no need for a box spring.

Best Selling Vermont Shaker Bed


2. New England Shaker 10 Drawer Dresser: Shown in natural cherry with black walnut knobs, This traditional, horizontal, 8/10-drawer New England Shaker Dresser will add beauty, style and functionality to any bedroom.New England Shaker 10 Drawer Dresser

3. American Mission Night Stand: This solid wood American Mission Nightstand is the perfect place to store all of your bedtime necessities. Smooth, clean lines and eye catching drawer pulls make this night stand elegant and functional.

American Mission Nighstand Vermont Furniture



Dining Room

4. Classic Shaker Dining Table: Our high-end, handmade Classic Shaker Dining Table features clean, straight lines and smooth, taper legs that look elegant in any setting. This classic design, combined with sustainably harvested, solid wood construction make this table a responsible and classy choice for your home. Shown in Natural Walnut, also available in Cherry, Maple, or Oak wood.

Classic Shaker Dining Table


5.  Country Windsor Chair: Simple, elegant lines give this high-end Country Windsor Chair a contemporary flair. Comfortable and classy, it welcomes family and friends to sit and relax awhile. Shown in natural Cherry with scooped wooden seats.

Country Windsor Chair



6. Sarah Shaker Buffet: Copeland’s luxury Sarah Shaker 4 Door, 2 Drawer Large Buffet with adjustable interior shelves and removable silverware tray with Guardian Anti Tarnish lining and cloth for each drawer.

The Sarah Shaker Collection is real solid wood fine dining furniture crafted for generations of service in your natural home. Handmade to order so you can customize online in your favorite finish. Use the drop-down menu to see the choices for either natural cherry or windsor cherry, autumn cherry, cognac cherry, saddle cherry or smoke cherry stain. Best in its class of authentic custom fine dining furniture, this large buffet is destined to be a cherished family heirloom

Sarah Shaker Buffet Copeland Furniture


Living Room

7. Vermont Modern Entertainment Console: The solid cherry Vermont Modern Entertainment Console adds a chic designer style to the modern living room. It features a unique curved shape and plenty of space to store all your DVD’s, media equipment and more! This beautiful, solid cherry wood media cabinet will be the topic of many conversations!

Vermont Modern Furniture Entertainment Console

8. Modern Mission Coffee Table: The clean lines and modern styling of this beautiful solid wood Modern Mission Coffee Table make it perfect for the contemporary living room, dining room bedroom or foyer! Handmade in beautiful Vermont by classic furniture makers this coffee table will add warmth and style to any room!


9. New York Contemporary Bookcase: Our high end New York Contemporary Low Step Bookcase features artistic flair with modern sensibilities. Wonderful way to show off your treasures wherever you wish in style. This bookcase has been specially designed to work as an entertainment media center, home office and literary storage.

New York Contemporary Bookcase

Home Office

10. Sarah Large Desk: Our Sarah Large Solid Wood Desk with full extension pull-out keyboard tray features classic American Shaker design. Customize online in your choice of wood. Use the drop-down menu to see the choices for either natural cherry (no stain) or windsor cherry, autumn cherry, cognac cherry, saddle cherry or smoke cherry. Add a 60″L return for even more space (what’s a return?). Our Copeland Sarah Shaker Home Office Furniture Collection is handmade in Vermont using sustainably harvested woods. Also available with desk organizer.


11. Solid Wood Custom Bookcase with Panel Doors: Our luxury, custom Solid Wood Bookcases with Panel Doors and can be customized to fit in any space you need fine hardwood bookshelves. The half raised panel doors on this bookshelf are built with solid hardwoods and premium hardware.


12. Catalina Walnut Credenza: The Catalina Lateral Credenza File Cabinet is handmade in Vermont of solid natural walnut wood. Made to order, this large high end office credenza provides a trim, functional place to store your files. It’s the perfect home office solution with sturdy solid wood construction and built for a lifetime of use.





Natural Cherry Furniture: Blossoming in Vermont

April 29th, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

Natural Cherry Furniture | Blossoming in Vermont

Vermont’s cherry trees are just starting to leaf out and will soon be blossoming this Spring.  It’s hard to believe that these gangly trees covered with flakey gray, scales can be transformed into some of the world’s finest cherry furniture like the Cherry Moon Bed shown above.

Spring is the time of year when the (normally homely) black cherry tree gets to dress up and strut it’s stuff.  Hard to believe isn’t it– that these gangly trees with rough, scaley bark will be transformed into beautiful flowering flora (and perhaps one day into natural cherry furniture like the Cherry Moon Bed above).

But it’s true.  In a few short weeks they will be bursting with  fragrant white and yellow blossoms which will give way to delicious black cherry fruit.  These are the trees that provide a sustainable source of wood for over half of the furniture customers purchase from our store, Vermont Woods Studios.

Interested in learning more about cherry trees and natural cherry wood furniture for your home?  We are the experts!  Check out some of the many “cherry wood” articles we’ve written over the years and give us a call to let us know if you’ve got a question we’ve yet to answer.  We’ll jump right on it!


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Cherry Furniture: How To Find The Real Thing

October 28th, 2012 by Peggy Farabaugh

Cherry Furniture: How To Find The Real Thing Online or in Local Stores

I just did a Google search for “cherry furniture” and these are the products that came up on Google’s sponsored ads.  Guess how many of these pieces are actually made of real cherry wood?

What Does Real Cherry Furniture Look Like?

I just did a Google search for “cherry furniture” and above are the products that came up on Google’s sponsored ads.  Guess how many of these pieces are actually made of real cherry wood?  None.  Hard to believe isn’t it?  Not a single one of these pieces looks even remotely like cherry.  I can’t figure out why furniture makers get it so wrong but the error is absolutely pervasive in the world of imported furniture.  In fact, many times when customers come to us for real cherry furniture, they ask us to apply a dark stain to our natural cherry products to make them match their imported “cherry furniture” (Vermont furniture makers actually break down and cry when we ask them to stain cherry wood, by the way).

So I thought I’d post a couple photos so you can see what real, natural cherry wood furniture looks like.  Below is our American Shaker Bedroom Furniture Collection.  You can see that the wood color is much lighter than any of the imported fake cherry furniture shown above.  Why is that?

Well, cherry wood actually changes color!  It darkens with age.  Below is of a brand new natural cherry wood bedroom set.

New Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture Set | Light Pink Color Tones

This is a brand new cherry wood bedroom furniture set.  The wood has a light color with pink tones but it won’t stay this way for long.

The same natural cherry wood bed and bedroom set after 6 months of exposure to light looks like this:

Darkened Cherry Wood in Solid Cherry Bedroom Set | Natural Sunlight Effect

This is the same cherry wood bed you see above, but it has been exposed to natural sunlight for about 6 months.  Light exposure “ripens” cherry wood creating a rich, reddish brown color and patina.

Quite a difference isn’t it?  Both beds have the same coating– it’s a hand rubbed natural linseed oil finish.  It’s the exposure to sunlight that darkens (or ripens) cherry and transforms it from a light color to a rich, dark reddish brown.

Another way to tell if your furniture is made of real organic cherry is to look for mineral deposits.  These are small black flecks in the grain where tiny amounts of sap were stored by the tree.  Mineral deposits (or pitch pockets) are natural and randomly occurring.  They are part of what makes each cherry piece unique.  Many times, imported furniture that’s called “cherry” is made with inferior woods that undergo a multi-step chemical process of bleaching, texturizing and staining in an attempt to achieve the classic ripened cherry color.  Even if the color does come out close to real cherry, the wood will be absent of cherry’s characteristic mineral deposits– the telltale sign of a fake.

So which do you prefer?  New cherry, ripened cherry or fake cherry?  Let us know in the comments section below or weigh in on our Facebook.



DIY: The Closet Office

October 23rd, 2012 by Loryn Dion

closet office

In addition to our Cherry Moon and Vermont Shaker Writing Desks, our Classic Shaker Writing Desk would also look great and fit perfectly into a closet office space!


DIY Closet Office

I have a small confession to make. I, Loryn Dion, am a Pinterest addict. Every time I have a spare minute, I find myself flipping through DIY projects and cooking recipes on my laptop, Kindle, cell phone and even on my TV. It’s a very big problem. One of my favorite ideas that I’ve seen pop up on Pinterest in the last few weeks, and you’ve probably seen it too if you’re an avid Pinterest user like me, is the DIY closet office.

Basically, the closet office is exactly what it sounds like. For modest homes that do not have the luxury of having a separate room for an office, you take a large closet or nook space, outfit it with a deskchair, filing cabinet and a plethora of shelves and organizers, a little paint and voila! A secret office space that can be closed up when you’re done.

There are a few versions of the office that link to pages telling you about chairs and desks from Ikea or Pottery Barn that would fit perfectly in your spare closet. While it may be true that these pieces will fit in your closet now, in 5-10 years you’re going to be tossing out that “disposable” desk to replace it with a new “disposable” desk that will just fall apart in another 5 years. Plus, these pieces are no friends to the environment. So I’m here to tell you that you can get that dream closet office space with our lifetime guaranteedeco-friendlyoffice furniture.

First, I suggest starting with our Cherry Moon Writing Desk. I think it has a nice mission-flair that works well with many styles and has a unique, two-toned drawer pull option. This desk also comes in 5 different sizes to fit whatever shape your closet space is. Also check out our Vermont-Made Shaker Writing Desk if you like these options but prefer a more traditional shaker style.

Next, pick up our Cherry Moon 2-Drawer Vertical File Cabinet for additional, under-desk storage (Or our Vermont Shaker 2 Drawer File Cabinet, if you like the shaker option). If you have the room, browse our customizable book shelves to find a bookcase that will fit in nicely with the style of your closet office.

Now, you can decorate how you’d like (If you’re choosing cherry wood, I would suggest earth tone colors. They look great with cherry wood no matter what age it is) and fill up your space with supplies and appliances (I love They have some great deals on office supplies that are green and energy efficient).

There you have it! A quick guide to an environmentally-friendly closet office. If you have a closet office or have some great ideas for one, tell us about it in the comments or show us your pictures on our facebook page!


Natural Cherry Wood Furniture Characteristics: Mineral Deposits

November 29th, 2010 by Peggy Farabaugh

Cherry-wood-mineral-deposits On the last post we talked about natural cherry wood furniture with regard to grain variations in the wood.  Today I wanted to provide some detail about naturally occuring mineral deposits that are characteristic of cherry. 

In cherry wood small black flecks occur in the grain where tiny amounts of sap were stored in the cherry tree.   If you click on the photos for a larger view, you may be able to see them (or you may have to enlarge the photos: hold down your CTRL key and press the [+] key at the same time). 

Mineral deposits (or pitch pockets) are natural and randomly occurring.  They do not diminish the strength or quality of your furniture.  As we say: they add to its uniqueness.  

Cherry-mineral-deposits The frequency of mineral deposits in our furniture varies with each tree utilized but it is largely reflected in the product photos here and throughout our website.  Like any other fine furniture maker we cannot guarantee the absence of mineral deposits in our cherry wood furniture and we cannot consider the presence of mineral deposits a reason for furniture returns, per our lifetime guarantee policy.

Looking for Cherry Furniture with Virtually No Mineral Deposits?

Most of our furniture makers are reluctant to offer cherry furniture without mineral deposits for a couple reasons. First, it is against our sustainable forestry principles.  Up to five times the number of trees need to be harvested to produce furniture with virtually no mineral deposits.  Second, the presence of mineral deposits in cherry wood can be a matter of opinion.  What one customer might feel was mineral-deposit free furniture may not be the same for another customer. 

If mineral deposits are an issue for you, give us a call.  We'll work something out… although I should mention that the price of a "virtually mineral deposit-free" piece is generally about twice that of the regular piece.


Natural Cherry Wood Furniture Characteristics: Grain Variations

November 27th, 2010 by Peggy Farabaugh

WINSLOW DINING ROOM Cherry wood is perhaps the most prized furniture hardwood in America.  Our Vermont Woods Studios Furniture craftsmen typically use cherry that is grown in sustainable forests in Pennsylvania, as that is home to the finest cherry wood in all the world. For each piece of furniture, natural cherry boards are carefully selected for excellence in grain match, color and width.

Because we sell most of our cherry wood furniture online, we focus our website on ensuring our customers understand what natural cherry wood looks like.  We've created detailed descriptions of cherry wood, we offer wood samples and we feature great photos that show the color and grain of the wood. 

Cherry-heartwood One thing we always point out to customers is that a single cherry wood board can have grain contrasts.  The lighter grain was closer to the tree’s bark (sapwood) and the darker grain was closer to the tree’s center (heartwood). This picture shows a cross section of a cherry tree.  The dark center of the tree is the heartwood and the light outer ring is the sapwood.  When choosing boards for your furniture, we focus on the darker heartwood however we cannot guarantee there will be no trace of sapwood.






Cherry-tableFor example, if you look closely at the top of this table, you will see some of the grain contrast.  We minimize the appearance of the sapwood by flipping the boards so that the heartwood is on the tabletop.  If you were to look at the tabletop from underneath the table you would see a bit more traces of sapwood.

Cheaper furniture that is mass-produced is usually made of wood that has undergone a multi-step chemical process of bleaching, texturizing and staining in order to masque these natural characteristics of the cherry wood.  In fact, most so called "cherry furniture" is not made of cherry wood at all.  It's made of veneers and woods like poplar or alder that are heavily processed and do not look much like natural cherry at all. 

CHERRY-WOOD-BUTTERFLY-JOINERY At Vermont Woods Studios our natural cherry wood furniture is the real thing.  We do take the time to select and join boards that have the best available grain match, but we cannot guarantee the kind of uniformity in color that you will find in heavily processed laminate surfaces.  For more information on grain contrast or to order cherry wood furniture made exclusively of heartwood give us a call.