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Natural Cherry Wood: Where Does Your Furniture Come From?

October 11th, 2009 by Peggy Farabaugh

We often take weeks or even months to pick out our furniture and make sure it's perfect for our family and our home.  But have you ever wondered where your furniture comes from?  More and more people are feeling that the origin and crafting of their furniture is just as important as the look, style and feel of it.  Families want to know that they have made a socially and environmentally responsible choice with regard to how their furniture is made.

Over the past several years, over half of our handcrafted furniture has been made with natural cherry wood.  It's not a species that grows very well in Vermont so we use wood from the Allegheny forest region of Pennsylvania, which is known for its sustainable forest management practices.

A few facts about natural cherry wood, courtesy of the American Hardwood Information Center:

  • Cherry is a fruit tree, of course
  • The average cherry tree height is 60 to 80 feet
  • Cherry trees can live to the extreme ages of 150 to 200 years
  • American Colonists used the cherry tree for its fruit, medicinal properties and home furnishings.
  • They mixed cherry juice with rum to create Cherry Bounce, a bitter but highly favored cordial.
  • The bark was used in the production of drugs to treat bronchitis
  • Cherry stalks were used to make tonics
  • Surprisingly, cherry trees belong to the rose family

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Customizing a 2-Tone Trestle Table

September 25th, 2009 by Peggy Farabaugh


Rebecca, our new Vermont Woods Studios Furniture graphic designer has been working back and forth with a customer this week on a customized dining table.  Adam liked our Oval Trestle Table shown on the website in maple, but he wanted it in a 2-tone combination of cherry and walnut wood.



The first idea Adam wanted to try was a solid walnut base with a cherry table top.  Rebecca photo-shopped this image for him, but they both thought is was a bit too much walnut for his space. 




So they toned down the walnut some with this version where the table was almost all cherry except for walnut feet, trestle and buttons over the trestle joints.  Still too much walnut for Adam's taste.




Rebecca then emailed Adam this option and it turned out to be the Goldilocks version–not too much walnut, not too little, it was just right.  I like it a lot and am hoping Adam will send us photos of his dining room once the new table is installed.



Looking for custom furniture or customized furniture?  Check out our Vermont Woods Studios furniture website for ideas and give us a call.  Ask for Rebecca.  She'll show you how to customize our furniture for your space and taste.  It's easy, affordable and lots of fun!