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The Ultimate Cherry Storage Bed

December 1st, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

The biggest, best cherry storage bed you'll ever find

This beautiful cherry storage bed* is  a customized version of our Modern Incline Bed and our Cherry Moon Dressers.  It’s handcrafted in a small workshop in Montpelier, VT using solid cherry wood with black walnut accents, all coated with a hand-rubbed, natural linseed oil finish.  Stop by our new fine furniture showroom and art gallery at Stonehurst to see it! 

Customized Furniture

The large Cherry Moon Storage Bed you’re looking at is a one-of-a-kind custom creation*.  As with much of our furniture, this bed is a customized version of other pieces.  In this case our Modern Incline Bed has been combined with our 8 Drawer Cherry Moon Dresser.  The resulting storage bed was handcrafted in a small workshop just north of here in Montpelier, VT.  Robin and his craftspeople used all solid cherry wood with black walnut accents, and coated it with a hand-rubbed, natural linseed oil finish.  The bed headboard has a nice, gentle incline which makes reading or watching TV in bed super comfy.

Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Large storage beds have become popular with our Manhattan, Boston and Washington DC based clientele.  They are a real space saver in urban apartments and townhomes.  Worried about getting it up the elevator?  No problem!  Free shipping and white glove delivery is included in the price.  And of course, Robin built this storage bed so it’s easily disassembled and reassembled when moving is necessary.

Merry Christmas, Here’s Your New Bed!

I think this is the Ultimate Cherry Storage Bed– it has 8 large drawers for storage!  And unlike most of our furniture that is made to order, this bed is currently in our showroom and ready to be shipped to your home immediately.  I daresay if you’re in New England, you could be sleeping on it for Christmas.  You’d better hurry though because there’s only one of these babies and it’s on sale for 30% off.  Here’s an idea: if you want it and think you might get in trouble for indulging, you could do what Ken always does to me… give it to your partner as a gift, right?  Something to think about…

* Post Script – Sorry This Custom Storage Bed Did Indeed Sell Today

But we could make another one just like it, if you’re willing to wait for the customization.  Give us a call to get things started!


Shaker Beds: Our Top 10 American Made Designs

November 22nd, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

Shaker Beds | Handmade in Vermont | Solid Cherry Wood | High Quality

This is our American Shaker Panel Bed, a best loved design amongst our customers.  Like all Vermont Woods Studios fine furniture, it’s 100% American made, right here in Vermont.  Shown in natural solid cherry wood (also available in natural maple and natural walnut).

Shaker beds have been a specialty of Vermont furniture makers for over 200 years and they remain popular today.  I was helping a customer work through the process of finding the perfect Shaker bed yesterday and realized it’s not so easy.  We have almost 20 different shaker beds in our online furniture store.  All are top quality, 100% American made (handcrafted right here in Vermont) using responsibly harvested, real solid wood.

After looking at our Top 10 Shaker beds and all the different variations in design, we came up with a few subcategories that might make shopping easier for those looking for a particular style:

Traditional Shaker Beds


Four Poster Shaker Beds


Shaker Panel Beds


Shaker Sleigh Beds


You’ve probably noticed that these beds are all shown in solid cherry wood, which has a rich reddish brown color (once it has “ripened” after exposure to light). Cherry is by far the most popular wood for our customers when ordering Shaker furniture. However all of our Shaker beds are also available in three other woods: maple, walnut and oak.  Some customers even like to mix two woods together like the Sarah Shaker beds below (shown in maple and walnut).

Two Tone Shaker Beds


Hopefully this makes shopping for your new Shaker bedroom furniture a little easier.  Questions?  Come visit us at Stonehurst our new fine furniture and art gallery or contact us through our live chat, email, Facebook or phone.


Cherry Moon Beds: This Week’s Best Seller

January 25th, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

Natural Cherry Beds | Real Solid Wood | American Made in Vermont

This week’s best seller, the Cherry Moon Bed is handmade in Montpelier of solid natural cherry wood.  It has simple elegant lines like Vermont’s iconic Shaker furniture.  But it’s refined curves and reverse-tapered legs add a modern Asian flair.  Buy it in a bedroom furniture set and save 20%!

A Great Example of Vermont Style Furniture

Natural cherry beds are our most popular item at Vermont Woods Studios so I guess it’s no surprise that our Best Seller last week was the Cherry Moon Bed.  Actually this bed is a frequent flyer on the Best Seller list.  I think that’s because it’s such a good example of what’s best about Vermont style furniture.

The Cherry Moon Bed is handmade in Montpelier of solid natural cherry wood.  It has simple elegant lines like Vermont’s iconic Shaker furniture.  But it’s refined curves and reverse-tapered legs add a modern Asian flair.  The finish on this bed is a hand-rubbed natural oil that brings out the beauty of the cherrywood grain.  If you re-oil the bed every year it develops a rich patina that gives it even more depth and character over time.

The Cherry Moon Bedroom Collection

Many of our customers bought cherry beds as part of the Cherry Moon Bedroom Furniture Collection which is on sale today (Winter Bedroom Sale).  The discount is 10% off any single piece, 15% off two pieces or 20% off 3 or more pieces (plus free shipping and delivery).  The sale ends next week, but if you miss it, you can always use the Cherry Moon Bedroom Set page to purchase furniture in this collection.

Buying Cherry Beds in Sets Saves You 20%

At Vermont Woods Studios you can always save 20% buying cherry beds or most any other furniture as a set.  We save on shipping when we ship multiple pieces so we pass that on to our customers.  Shop for discount sets on these pages:

If you don’t see the exact combination of furniture pieces you’re looking for in one of our sets, give Liz, Sean or Heather a call.  They’ll take your order over the phone or in person and make sure you get the set discount if it’s available.


Where Does Cherry Furniture Come From?

August 29th, 2012 by Peggy Farabaugh


Dennis took this picture of a black cherry tree on his property in New Hampshire. Our cherry wood furniture typically comes from PA though, which has soils and climate more ideally suited to growing black cherry trees.

Heather Barrett mentioned the other day that many customers are coming
to us by way of Google when they're searching for answers to questions
like "where does cherry wood come from"? 

At Vermont Woods
Studios we feel it's important to provide detailed information about
where your furniture comes from.  We want customers to know that our
wood is all sustainably harvested and that forest conservation is a fundamental part of our mission.

We source as much wood as we can locally, preferably right here in Vermont. Cherry wood
however isn't a big component of the Green Mountain Forest.  There are a few
cherry trees here and there across Vermont, but Pennsylvania is really
the Cherry Capitol of the world and that's where we get most of our
cherry wood. It is arguably the finest cherry wood on earth and is
prized for its lovely red color, grain and luster.

Fortunately in 1995 the state of Pennsylvania had the foresight to protect and
preserve a great deal of their cherry wood resources.  They committed to
maintaining the state forest system sustainably and began green
certifying it, by the Forest Stewardship Council, FSC.

FSC is considered
the gold standard in third party certifications of forests so we can be
confident that the forests providing our cherry wood will be around to
enjoy for many generations… just like our cherry wood furniture.


Vermont Made Furniture: A Customer Shares Photos of Her Beautiful Home

February 2nd, 2010 by Peggy Farabaugh

Vt-made-bedroom We send our Vermont Made Furniture all across the country and we're always excited to see how it looks as installed in our customers' homes.  We are very grateful to Polly D. for sending us these photos of her lovely home, filled with many pieces of the Cherry Moon Furniture Collection which she's been acquiring over the years.  This is the Cherry Moon Bed, shown with the Cherry Moon 1-Drawer Nightstand and the Cherry Moon 5 Drawer Chest.



Custom Cherry Moon Coffee Table
Here is a photo of Polly's living room, showing a custom Cherry Moon Coffee Table and a Cherry Moon End Table.



And here's a photo of a different custom Cherry Moon Coffee Table.









Vermont Shaker Dining Table
Polly's Vermont-made Shaker cherry dining table and Mission chairs
have a very different style than the Cherry Moon pieces, but the cherry
wood really ties it all together, doesn't it?  Well that and Polly's  interior decorating skill.

I hope you enjoyed this peek into Polly's home as much as I did.  Thanks for sharing the photos, Polly!


I’m Inclined to Like This Bed

November 4th, 2009 by Peggy Farabaugh

Modern_incline_bedIsn't this a beautiful bed?  Our friend and colleague, Robin came out with this simple, elegant design recently and it's been our best selling bed ever since.  The headboard has a subtle incline– just enough to make it comfy for reading or watching TV in bed. 

It's shown here in natural cherry, that has had a few months to ripen and reach the rich, reddish brown color cherry is known for.  We're calling it (what else?) the Modern Incline Bed.