Rainforest Conservation

Forest conservation is one of the two missions that Vermont Woods Studios is built on.   We are trying to help raise awareness about the importance of sustainable use of the world's forests, particularly the rainforests.  Sustainable use means that when we harvest trees we do so in such a way that the forest regenerates in a healthy fashion.  We want the forest to have the same richness and biodiversity in 100 years as it does today.  And in the case of forests that have already been damaged (most of them) we want to help restore the original character and biodiversity of the forest.

Did you know that 1.5 acres (about 1 football field) of rainforest are being lost every second due in part, to illegal harvesting of timber for the imported wood furniture and flooring industries?  This clear-cutting of the world's rainforests is responsible for a greater portion of global warming than the entire transportation sector!

But as we lose the rainforests we're not only exacerbating global warming, we're also losing all of the amazing diversity of life that has evolved there for millions of years.  Scientists estimate we're losing over 130 species per day due to rainforest destruction.  All the great apes and great cats are at the forefront of this issue with each of these species being critically endangered.  You can make a difference in the future of these species by the choices you make in the furniture store–look for American made furniture built with sustainably harvested American wood.

Read more about our rainforest conservation efforts.

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