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Hardwood Bedroom Furniture: What’s Your Style?

June 29th, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture | American Made in Vermont | Handcrafted

Vermont Made hardwood bedroom furniture comes in many different styles from Shaker to Mid Century Modern and everything in between.  Which style would look best in your bedroom?

Hardwood bedroom furniture is one of Vermont’s specialties.  The Green Mountain State has been famous for high quality, handcrafted wooden furniture for over 200 years and the tradition remains alive and well today.  Our most popular hardwood is black cherry but Vermont craftspeople often work with sugar maple, black walnut, oak, ash and a number of other hardwoods as well.

The styles of Vermont made bedroom furniture are even more varied than the woods our craftspeople work with.  Above you’ll see a couple examples of Shaker, Arts and Crafts, Modern, Contemporary and Mid-Century Modern (MCM) style furniture.  From top left they are:

Vermont Made Shaker Bedroom Furniture

Vermont Made Shaker Bedroom Furniture

This is a traditional, handmade bedroom set crafted out of solid black cherry wood.  It features straight lines that are clean, simple and elegant. Perfect proportions, carefully-selected extra-wide boards, tapered posts and legs, straight aprons with top and bottom cove moldings and traditional, chamfered edges, round button Shaker knobs yield a delicate appearance that belies their sturdy construction.


Berkeley Hardwood Bedroom Furniture

Berkeley Arts and Crafts Bedroom Furniture

Fusing Arts & Crafts and Asian design, Copeland’s Berkeley Bedroom is both sophisticated and practical with under bed storage design that elegantly saves space in the upscale urban home. Crafted in natural cherry hardwood with American black walnut accents.

Astrid Mid Century Modern Bedroom Furniture by Copeland

Astrid Mid Century Modern Bedroom Furniture

This high end, ultra-modern, Astrid Bedroom Furniture Collection by Copeland is always on sale at our Vermont Fine Furniture Store.  Crafted in maple, cherry or walnut hardwood and made to order, you may customize it with your choice of five finishes and a variety of knob or pull options.

And on the bottom row from left:

Catalina Hardwood Bedroom Furniture by Copeland

Catalina Mid Century Modern Bedroom Furniture

Mid century, modern, 1950s American design is what the Copeland Catalina bedroom and home office furniture collection is all about.  Handcrafted in Vermont and made to order, in natural solid black walnut or maple hardwood.  Customize with your choice of finish and a variety of knob or pull options.


Contemporary Cable Hardwood Bedroom Furniture

Contemporary Cable Collection

Our Contemporary Cable Collection blends elegant craftsmanship and contemporary, industrial flair to create a distinctive design that will transform any bedroom. Pieces in this modern craftsman style collection feature solid hardwood construction, traditional joinery and unique cable style drawer pulls. An eco-friendly, non-toxic, handrubbed oil finish tops off the artistry of this design.

American Shaker Hardwood Bedroom Furniture  American Shaker Bedroom Furniture

Our Vermont Shaker furniture (above) is a sister collection to this one, with the main difference being a straight apron in contrast to the arched apron of the American Shaker Collection.



Which hardwood furniture style best fits your taste?  Let us know in the comments section below or on our Vermont Furniture Facebook.


Top Quality Bedroom Furniture Sets: How to Get the Best Price

January 9th, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

Top Quality Solid HardWood Bedroom Furniture Sets | Best Prices

This Contemporary Craftsman Bedroom Furniture Set is handmade of real, solid hardwood by Vermont craftspeople.  Customers can get a 20% discount on this top quality bed, dresser, chest and night stand when purchasing 3 or more pieces together.

Tips for Buying Fine Quality Wooden Furniture

If you’re shopping for top quality bedroom furniture sets, I’m sure you’ve noticed they’re priced considerably higher than the run of the mill sets you’ll find at Jordan’s or Bernie and Phyls.  But if you want timeless, real hardwood furniture you’ll have for a lifetime, (something you’ll never have to replace) then what you’re really interested in is getting the best value, not the lowest price, right?  My suggestion: first find the best quality furniture you can afford (here’s a solid wood furniture buying guide to help with that) in the style and wood species you love.

American Made or Imported?

Second, check to see where it’s made.  If it’s imported furniture, you probably want to keep shopping.  Honestly, I rarely hear complaints about the quality of virtually any American made, solid hardwood furniture (and the more local you buy, the better chance you have of getting the craftsperson or manufacturer to stand behind the product over it’s lifetime).  On the other hand, there are dozens of consumer review sites filled with complaints about the imported furniture products found at big box stores like Ikea, Ashley and Bob’s.  Quality can be quite poor and there’s little chance of getting satisfactory customer service.

How to Get the Best Furniture Value

Once you’ve found your favorite top quality, American made bedroom furniture, crafted of real solid hardwood, then start to work with the craftsman or retailer to get their best discount price. Remember however that American furniture involves using real, legal, sustainably harvested wood and American craftsmanship.  Furthermore, US furniture makers don’t typically “mark up to mark down” so you’re unlikely to find “discounts up to 80%”.  But often there is room for some negotiation.

Buy Top Quality Furniture in Sets to Get a Volume Discount

At Vermont Woods Studios for instance, we have a standing discount of 20% on bedroom sets* plus we offer a discount on full service white glove shipping and delivery when customers are buying 3 or more pieces.  Like many online retailers, we offer a coupon code (BEDROOMSET20) for customers who prefer to purchase fine furniture online (be sure to “update cart” to get the discount).  Otherwise customers can give us a call or stop by our showroom to receive the discount.

So my advice, if you’re shopping for the best price on high quality, real solid wood beds, chests, dressers, armoires, night stands, mirrors, blanket boxes and such is to focus on quality and style first.  Find the American made bedroom furniture you love that will last a lifetime and then negotiate on price afterwards.  My sense is that in doing the research you’ll find most USA made fine furniture is honestly priced and retailers are looking to give both you and the craftsman a fair deal.

Copeland bedroom sets are excluded from the 20% discount as they already carry a low price guarantee every day in our store.



Say Hello To Your New Bedroom Furniture

November 30th, 2012 by Kelsey Eaton

Bedroom Furniture Sale at Vermont Woods Studios

Bedroom Furniture Sale

Did you spend all of your time during the Black Friday weekend getting the best deals on gifts for everyone else? With your holiday shopping complete, it’s time to treat yourself to something special. What’s more perfect than new bedroom furniture? With our bedroom furniture sale, you can finally get the bedroom furniture of your dreams, and still get a great deal.

Choose from over 40 styles of beds in your choice of natural Cherry, Walnut, Maple, or Oak woods. You can even create your own bedroom set with our variety of solid wood nightstands and dressers. We offer hundreds of solid wood bedroom furniture pieces in our gallery, and we are confident you will find the perfect bedroom set for your home. We have a great selection of styles ranging from Shaker to modern, so your bedroom furniture will match any decor style. All of our fine wood bedroom furniture is skillfully crafted in Vermont by talented furniture makers, and is solidly built to last for generations. Vermont made bedroom furniture is timeless, and never goes out of style. No matter how many times you change your bedroom wall color over the years, your furniture will be a staple in the room that you can appreciate forever.

Furnish your bedroom with our 100% American made, real hardwood bedroom furniture. With our buy more, save more bedroom furniture sale, you can save up to 20% off your new, high quality bedroom furniture. Save 10% on one piece, 15% on two pieces, and 20% on three or more pieces of bedroom furniture. Our bedroom furniture pieces are backed by a lifetime guarantee and come with free white glove shipping.

You can securely, easily, and conveniently shop our online gallery 24 hours a day, so take your time. If you need any assistance finding the perfect hardwood bedroom furniture, our Vermont furniture specialists are available to help. You can contact them by phone (888-390-5571), by email, or by live chat. Our bedroom furniture sale ends on Tuesday, December 11 at midnight!


*This sale excludes Copeland and Artisan furniture. However, our Copeland Furniture carries a low price guarantee.



Copeland Furniture: How To Get The Best Price

November 5th, 2012 by Peggy Farabaugh

Copeland Furniture | Monterey Bedroom Set | Best Prices

If you’re looking to purchase Copeland furniture, like most shoppers, you’re  looking for the best price and most dependable shipping-delivery service (shown above, Copeland’s Monterey collection blends modern Asian design with elements of traditional American Arts and Crafts). 

Copeland Furniture

Copeland furniture is one of Vermont’s most recognizable home furniture brands. For over 30 years, Tim Copeland and his family have been building a reputation for world class, high end furniture in a variety of crisp, clean designs.  Shaker style defined Copeland’s early furniture but over the years many additional styles have evolved.  The Monterey collection (shown above) blends Asian design with elements of traditional American Arts and Crafts.  More recent collections like the Astrid, Catalina and SoHo collections reflect American mid-century modern designs.

How to Get the Best Prices

If you’re looking to purchase Copeland furniture, like most shoppers you’re probably looking for the best price.  And you’ve noticed that all retailers are charging essentially the same price.  Well, that’s no coincidence.  Like many furniture companies, Copeland publishes a minimum price that retailers must abide by.  This is the lowest price you’ll ever see on Copeland furniture in any retail store.  It’s a fair price and commensurate with the true value of Copeland’s furniture.  It’s meant to help keep Copeland’s retailers from going out of business, declaring bankruptcy and damaging the Vermont furniture industry.  Thus if you’re shopping for Copeland furniture you’re not going to get less than this price unless you’re buying a floor model, a return or a scratch and ding sample.

So… first thing when shopping for Copeland furniture is to make sure you insist on getting this minimum price.

Buy Copeland Furniture in Sets and Save on Shipping

Next thing, especially if you’re shopping online is to negotiate the lowest price for white glove shipping and delivery.  This is an important service as  you do not want a box full of expensive, high end, HEAVY furniture being delivered to your home by UPS.  Or placed on the curbside (a common practice) when you have no way to get it into the house and possibly up a flight of stairs or two.

The best way to save on white glove shipping is to purchase Copeland furniture as a set.  If a retailer charges the typical $300 per item for white glove shipping and delivery, that adds up quickly.  Buy the furniture as a set instead and pay a total of $450 to ship all the pieces together.  Buying several pieces?  You could save hundreds or even thousands.

At Vermont Woods Studios, because we are just down the road from Copeland Furniture  we ship more efficiently and economically than other retailers.  That savings is passed on to our customers.   We are committed to offering the best prices on Copeland Furniture and even have a low price guarantee.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Copeland Furniture at Vermont Woods Studios

Now that you know how to get the best price, check out nine more reasons to buy Copeland furniture from Vermont Woods Studios.



Customizing Hardwood Furniture

September 7th, 2012 by Peggy Farabaugh


A customer purchased this Copeland Horizon bed over the weekend, but when he gets it, the bed will look very different. That's because he customized the finish and changed it from the dark chocolate stain shown to a natural maple color which is very light (see below).

Have you been looking everywhere for the perfect hardwood furniture to fit precisely into your dining rom or bedroom space?  If you're still coming up short, maybe think about customizing!


We had a customer purchase this Copeland Horizon bed over the weekend, but when he gets it, the bed is going to look very different than it does here.  That's because he customized the finish and changed it from the dark chocolate stain shown to a natural maple color which is very light. 


I love working with customers who have the vision (and courage!) to imagine how customized furniture will look in their homes.  Maybe he'll send us a photo once it's installed in his bedroom so I can share it with you.  I hope so.





The Horizon bed above is made of solid maple hardwood and can be customized in 8 of these finish colors: natural maple (no stain) or white maple, cocoa maple, dark chocolate
maple, dark honey maple, chestnut maple, black maple or slate maple.


At Vermont Woods Studios we customize furniture routinely.  Customization can be as straight-forward as changing the stain or substituting different drawer pulls.  Or it can be substantial for instance modifying  dimensions, leg style, configuration of drawers-doors, adding inlays and more.

We've tried to build our fine furniture website so you can use pull-down menus to see possibilities and prices for popular customizations. 

What many people don't realize is that customizations are often free!  Or in this case, it was two hundred dollars less to customize the bed in natural maple, as opposed to having the dark stain.

So if you're still searching for that custom dining set or bedroom set for your home, check out our furniture at Vermont Woods Studios and give us a call to see how easy it can be customized to meet your needs.



Copeland Bedroom Sets: Best Value in Solid Wood, Vermont Made Furniture

February 12th, 2012 by Peggy Farabaugh



Dennis and Manjula have been working on getting a beautiful selection of Copeland Bedroom Furniture Sets up on our website. 

Copeland is our newest line of Vermont made furniture and their styles include traditional, Shaker and modern furniture, such as the:
Berkeley Cherry Bedroom Set (Modern Asian style)

Catalina Walnut Bedroom Set (Modern, minimalist style)

Astrid Cherry Bedroom Set (Ultra modern, Jetson's style)

Soho Walnut & Maple Bedroom (Modern metropolitan style)

Copeland's signature style is kind of a clean, simple elegance that's very popular in the more chic neighborhhods of Manhattan and other cities.  But we love it up here in rural Vernon VT too!

A few logistical details:  the sets are designed to save you on shipping.  We couldn't lower the prices of the furniture in the sets because we already have Copeland furniture priced as low as possible.  In fact we have a low price guarantee on Copeland furniture.  But with the sets, you save on shipping– which is significant.  Rather than paying $300/piece for white glove delivery, you can order as many pieces as you like and pay just $450 for shipping and white glove delivery of the whole set.

Check out the sets and let us know what you think.  We've tried to make them versatile so you can customize your set online with any combination of pieces you might like, but I'm sure we haven't thought of everything.  Give us a call if you can't find the exact pieces you need for your set.  Rebecca and Shannon will be happy to hear from you!

One more thing.  So far we just have Copeland bedroom sets up but in another month or so we'll have their collection of Frank Lloyd Wright dining sets as well.  If you're looking to purchase before then, just call.