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Jazz Art II: How to Acquire an Original Silk Painting

September 29th, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

In yesterday’s blog post we introduced the Jazz Art collection of original silk paintings by Vermont artist Linda Marcille.  Today– a little more about how silk paintings are created, a short bio of the artist and information on how to acquire this remarkable collection at a “Vermont price”.

About Silk Painting

Who is this female jazz singer performing with a quintet?  Ella?  Sarah?  Nina?

Who is this female jazz singer performing with a quintet? Ella Fitzgerald? Sarah Vaughan? Nina Simone? Original silk painting by Linda Marcille, available exclusively at Vermont Woods Studios – Stonehurst.

Linda Marcille:

“Silk painting is an ancient Asian art form and it is very unique and mysterious. The silk itself is seemingly so fragile yet it is one of the strongest fibers in nature. There is also a serendipitous quality to painting on silk with dyes. The process never allows the artist to be fully in control or to know exactly the effect that will be created.

Painting on silk is an incredibly time-consuming and unforgiving medium. Just one drop of misplaced dye, or a broken resist line, and days of painstaking work are ruined. As challenging as painting on silk is, however, it is also one of the most rewarding art forms because the two-hour steaming process joins the fiber-reactive dyes molecularly with the silk, so the dyes take on the silk’s iridescent sheen. It is because of this union that silk paintings are able to produce an awe-inspiring range of reflective color that no other medium is capable of creating,”

Linda’s paintings feature the highest quality steam set French dyes from Europe, the finest crepe de chine silks from China and a one of a kind resist made only in New Zealand. Linda’s work appears in many publications. Her Jazz series has been showcased by the Guild of Silk Painters and featured in the Spring 2010 issue of their Journal.

About Artist Linda Marcille

Jazz trumpeter:  Miles Davis?  Dizzie Gillespie?  Original silk painting by Linda Marcille.

Jazz trumpeter: Miles Davis? Dizzie Gillespie? Original silk painting by Linda Marcille. Original silk painting by Linda Marcille, available exclusively at Vermont Woods Studios – Stonehurst.

In 2012 Linda and her husband, Don, built a beautiful home and studio on 36 wooded acres in Westminster, Vermont where they are slowing down and living a more simplified life.  The creative process has been a powerful healing force in Linda’s life, she strongly believes in the healing properties of art, both for the viewer and the creator. She feels that art must be made available to those with chronic & terminal illness as part of their treatment plan. Linda has been battling an autoimmune disease caused by advanced neurological Lyme disease since 2000.

How to Purchase Linda’s Paintings

Do you have the perfect spot in your home for this remarkable series of Jazz paintings on silk?  We are proud to be able to offer them for purchase here at Stonehurst over the next couple months.  These are the only jazz paintings Linda has done out of an extensive body of work over many years and she will not be creating more like them.  They are an investment sure to increase in value.

The original paintings are priced at just $1200 each to the person or family who will cherish and care for them.  We would prefer to sell them as a set or perhaps split them into two sets, if necessary.  Dimensions are 29″W x 25″H, matted and framed (actual image approximately 20″W x 15″H).  For additional information or to purchase please call Peggy, Liz or any of our sales team at Vermont Woods Studios.  Looking to buy just one?  We’ll talk.

This is an investment opportunity of a lifetime for jazz lovers and art collectors!


Jazz Art: Original Paintings on Silk by Linda Marcille

September 28th, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

Original silk paintings of New Orleans jazz legends like Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone.  Vermont artist, Linda Marcille.

Linda Marcille’s original silk paintings of New Orleans jazz legends now proudly hang in our Stonehurst fine furniture and art gallery.  Who is the legendary jazz singer above?  Ella Fitzgerald? Sarah Vaughan? Billie Holiday?  Post your answer on Facebook.  These paintings are available for purchase at Vermont Woods Studios for a limited time.

Stonehurst Fine Furniture and Art Gallery

We’re feeling very lucky today.  Our Stonehurst fine furniture and art gallery has been graced by the entire collection of Linda Eaton Marcille’s original New Orleans Jazz silk paintings.

Jazz in Vermont

Who is this legendary jazz and blues guitarist?  BB King?  Buddy Guy?  Robert Johnson?

Who is this legendary jazz and blues guitarist? BB King? Buddy Guy? Robert Johnson?  This collection of original silk paintings by Linda Marcille, is available exclusively at Vermont Woods Studios – Stonehurst Fine Art Gallery.

You might not think of Vermont as being synonymous with Jazz but we actually have quite a respectable jazz and blues community here.  Burlington has hosted the Discover Jazz Fest annually for the last 30 years, proudly featuring such jazz legends as Sarah Vaughan, Lionel Hampton, Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, Dizzy Gillespie, Herbie Hancock, Dave Brubeck, Branford Marsalis, Diana Krall… I could go on but you can get the whole run down here on the Discover Jazz Fest website.

Just down the street, we have the Vermont Jazz Center at the Cotton Mill in Brattleboro, VT which is now in its 37th year.  Founded by legendary guitarist Attila Zoller, the Center is now run by pianist, Eugene Uman and features a summer jazz workshop,  monthly concert series, Wednesday night jam sessions, and frequent collaborations with area schools, jazz art organizations and businesses.

Linda Marcille’s Jazz on Silk Series

Who is this famous jazz singer?  Billie Holiday?  Sarah Vaughn?  Ella?

Who is this famous jazz singer? Billie Holiday? Sarah Vaughan? Ella Fitzgerald?  This collection of original silk painting by Linda Marcille, is available exclusively at Vermont Woods Studios – Stonehurst Fine Art Gallery.

It’s not surprising then, that some of America’s most beautiful (and quite possibly the only) jazz paintings on silk come from Vermont.  They are the artistry of Linda Marcille, an award winning artist from Westminster, Vermont whose acclaimed artwork hangs in public and private collections, across the country and internationally.  Now, for a limited time these beautiful and unique paintings on silk are available for purchase at Vermont Woods Studios.

Jazz lovers and art collectors:  hurry to see these paintings at Stonehurst!  I promise you will not be disappointed.  This is world class art.  Read about the interactive and unforgiving nature of the silk painting process in tomorrow’s blog post.  Even at the hands of a master, silk paintings like these can take weeks or even months to complete. The images are created with French steam set dyes that shimmer on the charmeuse silk and the jewelry in each painting is created with a metallic resist called gutta that sparkles like real gold!  This is an unbelievable opportunity to acquire a collection of original silk paintings of your favorite jazz masters at a Vermont price. This is an unbelievable opportunity to acquire a collection of original silk paintings of your favorite jazz masters at a Vermont price.

Who is this jazz singer? Ella Fitzgerald? Sarah Vaughn? Billie Holiday?

Who is this jazz singer? Ella Fitzgerald? Sarah Vaughan? Billie Holiday?

Can You Identify the Jazz Musicians in Linda’s Paintings?

Who do you think the guitarist shown above most resembles?  BB King, George Benson, Wes Montgomery, Charlie Christian, Robert Johnson or Buddy Guy?  How about the sax player?  Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker or John Coltrane?  Give us a shout on Facebook and let us know what you think.

Stay tuned for more jazz paintings on silk tomorrow, including  a mystery trumpeter and a female singer with quintet.



Artisan Corner: Susan Osgood

September 5th, 2013 by Loryn Dion

susan osgood

susan osgood



Adding Susan Osgood to the Woods

A few weeks ago, Peggy wrote a blog about her chance meeting with Brattleboro artist Susan Osgood. Susan is an archaeologist by day and a painter by night, so her pieces all have character and a story. When Peggy told us about Susans work, we were intrigued and knew we had to get her work on our walls. So Douglas and I went up to meet Susan and pick out a few pieces to add to the showroom.

She certainly didn’t make the decision very easy on us. Susan does all of her painting right out of her home and showcases paintings throughout her house. Susan picked out a variety of paintings for us to choose from including small gallery-wrapped pieces to some larger ones in wood-framed glass and even a few painted on actual Egyptian graffiti! I personally fell in love with the graffiti art. It feels like we’re bringing a piece of history into our showroom. I’m hoping that our customers will love Susan Osgood Egyptian paintings as much as I do.

We ended up picking out nine exquisite pieces to display throughout the showroom. We choose pieces that we thought would look best displayed with our furniture. With our art consignments, we’re attempting to create a look that our customers will be able to identify with and want to create in their own homes. With our Vermont-made furniture, art, housewares and linens, we’re developing our showroom into the ideal, artistic Vermont home.

What other types of art would you like to see here at Stonehurst? Let us know on Facebook!

susan osgood


Janet Picard: Bringing Abstract Flair to Stonehurst

August 28th, 2013 by Loryn Dion

Vermont Artists Profile

Janet Picard

What do you think of Janet Picard’s oil paintings? 

Welcoming Janet Picard to the Walls of Stonehurst!

You may have noticed from our past blogs that a lot is happening here at Stonehurst. New driveways, new furniture, new landscapes and new… art? One of the areas we have been exploring for our showroom is displaying beautiful, handmade pieces from artists across Southern Vermont. It’s our belief that our customers love the beauty and elegance of our handmade furniture, so showcasing our furniture with paintings and sculptures that evoke the same feelings just makes sense.

One of the artists that I had the chance to meet with this week and who will be showcasing her paintings in the months to come is Janet Picard. I discovered Janet’s work while browsing through a few artist groups located in the Brattleboro area. The pieces above really stuck out to me because it seemed to capture everything I love about Vermont’s forests.

Janet uses bright colors and expressionistic strokes to create unusual yet realistic paintings of landscapes, forests and flowers. Janet’s art is beautiful to look at and is a modern take on a traditional style of painting. Janet describes her paintings as “merging actual places with imagined visions.” After chatting with Janet for a while on Tuesday, Douglas and I agree that Janet will make a fine addition to our showroom and we think our customers will agree.

Janet has a showroom of her own at her studio in West Brattleboro right behind the Chelsea Royal Diner. Speaking of which, when she’s not spreading oil on canvas you can find her making ice cream for Chelsea Royal, which she and her partner own. If you haven’t been there yet, it’s worth stopping. Their menu features ingredients grown right on their own farm! They have free-range chickens, grass-fed beef and some very well fed pigs. What better way to absorb Vermont culture than to enjoy a plate of locally-produced cuisine and then take-in some gorgeous, Vermont inspired art.

We’re so excited to have Janet’s work gracing the walls of Stonehurst! She’s just one of a few artists that you’ll be able to see on display when you come to visit our fine furniture showroom. Stop by and check it out or be on the look-out for the arts section of our website, coming soon!

Janet Picard - Walls

I’m thinking we’ll put Janet’s pieces up right here! What do you think? 

Discover Vermont Artists at the Southern Vermont Art and Craft Festival

August 2nd, 2013 by Kelsey Eaton

Click photo for source. Southern Vermont Art and Craft Festival.

Vermont’s most popular summer art and craft festival begins today! We’re proud of Vermont for its amazing support of its craftsman and artists, which is why we are super excited about the Southern Vermont Art and Craft Festival. The festival had been hosted in Manchester for 30 years, but the 2013 festival will be held in Bennington, Vermont! This provides advantages because its in a more southern region of Vermont, which will hopefully bring in a larger turnout than in previous years! The festival will host over 160 talented artists who will display and sell their one of a kind artwork, as well as traditional and contemporary crafts, and pottery!

From Friday, August 2nd to Sunday, August 4th, this three day event will run in conjunction with the town wide Bennington Arts Festival Weekend. The festival is put on by a variety of community arts organizations and venues, so expect a jam packed weekend with live music, art, and activities ranging from art walks, open studios and receptions, live entertainers, and a historical architecture exhibit! As always, you can expect lots of kid friendly activities, local food vendors, ice cream,craft beer, and more!

If you don’t have plans for the weekend, why not add the Southern Vermont Art and Craft festival to your agenda and find some inspiration in the work of talented Vermont artists!






Vermont Fine Art Galleries: Middlebury’s Edgewater Is One Of The Best

October 13th, 2012 by Peggy Farabaugh


Vermont Fine Art Galleries: Edgewater Middlebury is one of the best

Edgewater Art Gallery in Middlebury Vermont.  Home to “distinctive, collectible works by established and emerging artists from Vermont and beyond”.  

We’re right at the height of leaf-peeping season in Vermont.  If you’re planning a trip you might want to check out Vermont’s Foliage report or our friend Rachel Carter’s article,  “Best Fall Drives in Vermont” to gather travel tips about the fine art of leaf-peeping.

This year leaf peepers have had some rain but don’t let that dampen your spirits.  Escape the weather by ducking into Vermont’s many fine art galleries!  Last weekend I visited one of the best, The Edgewater Gallery in the heart of downtown Middlebury, VT.  Edgewater is elegant both inside and out.  The setting overlooks lovely Middlebury Falls on Otter Creek.  If you haven’t strolled along the river’s banks and wound your way in and out of Middlebury’s charming downtown area, you’re missing out!  I promise, it’s worth the trip.

Inside Edgewater Gallery you’ll enjoy the creative works of some of Vermont and New England’s most talented artists and artisans.  You’ll find something for everyone: many diverse paintings, sketchings, ceramics, pottery, glass works, jewelery, fabric, wooden furniture and more.  The prices range from affordable to expensive.  But even the priciest pieces are far less than you would find in Manhattan– and of no smaller stature either!

You can find the inside scoop on Edgewater’s collections on the current shows section of their website or on their Facebook.  And speaking of Facebook, let us know about your favorite Vermont Fine Art Galleries on our Vermont Fine Furniture Facebook.  Thanks and happy travels.



Vermont Welcome Centers: Art Galleries and More

August 15th, 2012 by Peggy Farabaugh



You can't help but smile at Caryn King's paintings of farm animals– so much personality shines through. Her blog, A Chicken Painting Every Day is a cheerful way to start any day!

If you've traveled through Vermont, you've no doubt noticed that the Green Mountain State has no billboards.  None.  Not a single one.  They're illegal here.  It's true.

So the way many Vermont businesses reach out to visitors and customers is through our Information and Welcome Centers.  These respites are strategically located along our most traveled roads, particularly routes I-89 and I-91.  I'll post some photos of their unique Vermont architecture another day but today I wanted to show you something on the inside:  Art Galleries!

I took this picture at the I-91 Welcome Center just north of the Massachusetts line in Guilford, VT.  It's part of a collection of paintings by Caryn King of Newfane, VT.  You can't help but smile at Caryn's paintings of farm animals– so much personality shines through.  She also does breath-taking floral paintings and commissions of your favorite pets.  Her blog, A Chicken Painting Every Day is a cheerful way to start the day!

Vermont's information and welcome centers also offer tons of information and brochures on local, regional and state-wide events, activities, hotels, inns, restaurants, ski areas, outdoor recreation, shopping, sight-seeing and much more.  Stop by and have a look! 

What do you think about replacing billboards with Welcome Centers?  Let us know below or on our Facebook.


Peggy Farabaugh owns Vermont Woods Studios Fine Furniture.  She travels around the Green Mountain State collaborating with woodworkers and feeling very lucky to live and work in a place where nature and creativity are flourishing.