OK– we introduced our new line of POLYWOOD recycled plastic outdoor patio furniture this Spring.  Unlike our solid wood furniture, POLYWOOD furniture is shipped in a box via UPS and it must be assembled by our customers.

Several customers have asked how difficult it is to assemble the POLYWOOD pieces and we wanted to respond to that.  It’s actually pretty easy but we didn’t want to put people to sleep with a boring show of Ken with a screw gun traipsing through the step-by-step instructions.

So we decided to buy an Adirondack chair for each staff member and have a race to see who could assemble their chair the fastest.  We filmed it and are hoping it will at least be a mildly amusing way to convey the basics of assembling POLYWOOD furniture.  Check it out for me.  It’s definitely a goofy video, but the truth is… we get that way sometimes.  OUR FUNNY POLYWOOD ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS VIDEO.

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