Shaker End TablesShaker end tables have worldwide appeal, both as valued collectibles and as beautiful, unfussy pieces of furniture that go with anything in the home. 

Introduced over 200 years ago by the Shaker religious sect, this unfrilly furniture style has a truly timeless quality that makes sense for any style of home. Shaker end tables can accent your couch or other living room furniture with chic simplicity, and while they are not bold furniture designs, they make the perfect complementary pieces for your rustic or modern living room. Place your books, artwork, and most prized family photos atop your Shaker end table for a stylish, comfortable look. Mix and match your shaker end tables for a more eclectic aesthetic.

Shaker End Tables

Shaker end tables are light and airy, evoking a warm, country feel in any space they occupy. Traditionally, “country” style decor and furniture is sometimes seen as overly cluttered. The modern minimalism of Shaker end tables, however, is far from cluttered! Shaker style furniture is charactarized by its clean build, unassuming lines, and tapered leg shape. It’s beautiful in its simplicity and in its rich centuries old heritage.

Shaker end tables are some of the most versatile styles for your living room. So if you don’t feel comfortable committing to a certain style, this is the perfect type for you. Switch your styles around as much as you like and your Shaker end table will still look just as wonderful beside your couch or comfy living room chair.

What do you think, would you add a Shaker end table to your living room space? If not, what style do you like better?

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