We have three cats in the office: Bongo, Shadow and Pepper.  We thought you might like to meet them and see how their presence in the office helps to keep us in a relaxed and jovial mood 😉

This is Shadow — the sweetest of the cats.  She's also the most timid and shy.  And she's the only one that has to suffer through the scourge of going to the beauty parlor.  Shadow's fur gets so long it starts to pick up everything she walks by and she begins to look like a feline floor mop.




So yesterday I took her to Animal Crackers Groomers in Greenfield where Megan Edson–Groomer Extraordinaire– gave Shadow a bubble bath and a glamorous new cut.  What do you think?  It's hard to tell from the pictures, but she looks like a totally different cat– so much so that when she walked back into the office afterwards, Pepper thought she was a new addition to the team and promptly attacked her (Pepper has job security issues).  Pepper is one of those employees we're constantly having to council, coach and correct– but more about her next week.

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One thought on “Shadow Goes to the Beauty Parlor

  1. Oh Shadow is so pretty! I can’t wait to see her in person when I come over Aunt Peggy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( If we can find Shadow) lol


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