Rustic Farmhouse Dining Tables
Want this look for your dining room? Take a peek at our artisan furniture & our home decor section to find these beautiful Americana style pieces.

Rustic Farmhouse Dining Furniture has gained a lot of popularity among traditional Americana lovers and vintage furniture fans across the globe. Adored for its charming country style and farm house feel– this furniture style is sure to make you feel “at home” whether you live in the country or the city.

Handmade Vermont farmhouse tables are a good reflection of the creative and frugal nature of New England’s most passionate Yankee craftsmen.  If you’ve driven through rural New England lately you’ve probably noticed the sad demise of some of our historic barns, homes, and buildings.  Over 200 years of wind, rain, and snow have left these antique treasures in desperate need of rebirth.

Lucky for them (and us), Vermont has many talented craftsmen who’ve taken on the mission of reclaiming these old barnwood boards and timbers and milling them into beautiful rustic farmhouse dining furniture pieces!

Rustic Farmhouse Dining Tables: Stronger & More Stylish With Age

Can you imagine the amazing qualities of wood that make it as beautiful, strong and durable today as it was 200 years ago?  And even after standing out in the rain and snow all that time?

Much of this vintage barn wood comes from original stands of America’s old growth forests and, as a result it has incredible architectural quality that could only be crafted by nature. Boards are extra wide with lush color and rich patinas. The beauty, density and stability of the wood, not to mention the unique character it attains after decades or even centuries of service in an old barn, factory or warehouse is captivating.

Not surprisingly, these early American reproduction furniture pieces are exploding in popularity, not only in New England but all across America.   Many artisans working throughout Vermont specialize in reclaiming and rejuvenating antique barnwood and transforming it into rustic farmhouse dining tables, coffee tables, extension tables, cupboards, buffets… even beds.  The result is unique, custom made furniture filled with warmth, charm and American history.

And farmhouse furniture isn’t just for country decor.  Interior designers and home owners are discovering the authenticity that real American barnwood brings to modern metropolitan homes in Manhattan, Boston, Washington, DC and even as far away as Los Angeles.

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