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Riley’s Back In The Woods!

June 16th, 2011 by Peggy Farabaugh






Summer vacation is officially over and Riley is back to work in the office at Vermont Woods Studios Furniture.  He's busy ginning up spreadsheets and graphs for Ken,  updating webpages for Manjula and occasionally sawing or sanding something in the shop. 


Now please don't tell me you're going to be like Manjula and say:

*     Oh Peggy, how can you make those boys work so hard?

*     He's only had a couple of days off since school got out!










Can I just draw your attention to the boy in these pictures?  Does this look like a brow-beaten, over-worked, under-fed waif who's never had a chance to unwind from the brutal pressures of life as a high school sophomore?


Well anyway… Riley's doing a great job at VWS and is even pretty tolerant about working in the same room with Kendall and me.  So thus far, it's all good and we're delighted to have his help.


Welcome back, Riley!


3 Responses to “Riley’s Back In The Woods!”

  1. Cindyflo says:

    Way to go, Riley!

  2. Manjula says:

    I am so happy to have Kendall & Riley helping me out during the summer. Great work guys.

  3. Tonin Casa says:

    cool blog

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