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Remembering Blanche

June 24th, 2010 by Peggy Farabaugh

Certain people have no need for a last name: Elvis, Cher, Oprah.  I have to put Blanche in that same category.  She was a familiar face all around Vernon.  She worked at the Schoolhouse Grocery, our general store (our only store actually) so if you needed gas or milk or a movie rental, chances are you were going to get it from Blanche.  She was a beloved figure and always up for a laugh or a good story.  Blanche passed away last year and we wanted to remember her everytime we went to the Schoolhouse.  Douglas, Brian and Manjula planted a lilac tree in her honor in front of the General Store.  We send our best wishes to Blanche's daughter LeeAnn and her family.  Blanche was truly a one of kind and we miss her.


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