Red Squirrels at Stonehurst Get Evicted
The jig is up for these red squirrel residents of Stonehurst.  After (probably) generations of free rent at Stonehurst, Ken trapped them and relocated them to the tree house in our back yard.  Hopefully they’ll find a way to co-exist with the gray squirrels already living there.

This is something I’m not proud of: evicting tenants in the middle of the winter.  Kicking them out of a nice cozy home into the snowy woods of Vermont.  But the fact that they are red squirrels does help ease my guilt.

Ken started to notice them last month as he was working in Stonehurst, getting it ready for renovations.  Scratch, scratch and pitter patter sounds kept coming out of the walls in the main part of the house.  He wasn’t sure if it was mice, voles, squirrels or what, so he borrowed a couple HavaHart traps from Annette (Queen of humane animal trapping and relocation) and baited them with acorns and peanut butter.

Next day, Red Squirrel #1 showed up.  Trapped.  Ken brought the trap home and released the squirrel behind our home in the boys tree house.  It doesn’t have heat or the comforts of their old home at Stonehurst, but we figured it was pretty decent digs for a squirrel.

Well, the scratching sounds continued, of course so Ken set the trap a few more times and reunited the whole family in the treehouse.  Now Stonehurst is free of squirrel noises but bustling with the clamor of construction vehicles and excavators.

Does anyone know how red squirrels get along with gray squirrels though?  I guess we’ll soon find out as our yard has been home to dozens of grays who have lived there for generations.  Yes… this is what keeps life exciting in rural Vermont.  Always a fun new challenge everyday!  Join us on Facebook to see more about our adventures with wildlife at Stonehurst, our fine furniture gallery and nature center in Vernon, Vermont.

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