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Rebuilding the Economy on a Green Foundation

November 15th, 2008 by Peggy Farabaugh

As we start picking up the pieces of our broken economy and trying to sort through them, what kinds of changes will we make to avoid another meltdown?  We've unwittingly become such ravenous consumers, that we've gotten accustomed to forsaking quality in our purchases for instant gratification at the expense of frequent disposal and replacement.

We hear people say things like, "I like to freshen up my home and replace my furniture every few years to stay up with the trends."  In the furniture business, we call those disposable purchases curbside furniture.

you're lucky enough to have antiques and heirlooms that have been
handed down to you through the generations, I'll bet that even after
50-100 or more years, you'll find the quality of those items to be
superior to that of today's equivalent.

Rebuilding the economy on a green foundation is going to involve a cultural shift away from cheap, imported, transitory goods in favor of high-quality, long-lasting, timeless items that are crafted from sustainable resources and sold near the source with a minimum of transportation and fuel costs.  Green American furniture companies are leading the way toward this kind of a paradigm shift.  We have the sustainable resources, the talent, the facilities and the will to make it happen.  Visit the Sustainable Furniture Council to learn more.

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