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Rebecca Treading on Thin Ice?

October 29th, 2009 by Peggy Farabaugh

It was too much to hope for, I guess.  That sassy South Florida girl, I told you about … Rebecca?  The one we hired and thought we'd be able to convert to a crunchy green Vermont-style granola?  Well, guess again.  You're not going to believe what she's up to now.

Check out her latest blog entry, something like "Global Warming is Not Caused by Humans".  Hmmph.  She is just not getting it.  There's no room for differing opinions here at Vermont Woods Studios

Not really.  We're having a lot of fun arguing about these things and we love the blogging Rebecca's doing.  She's taught us a lot about website-related issues too.  In fact, she show'd me how to photoshop images, like this one.  Hahahaha!


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