Vermont was recently ranked #2 in an article highlighting America’s best states to live in for 2014, just behind Hawaii. While Hawaii is great and all (tropical beach vacation… helloooo) I thought it’d be worthwhile to make a list of the top 5 reasons we love Vermont, and think it’s truly a great state to live in!

Love Vermont

1. Forests. It’s proven that spending time in nature relieves stress, anxiety and depression, among other things. The state of Vermont is covered in trees, woodlands, and meadows, leaving you with no shortage of places to spend time outside and keep you feeling good! Not to mention, we have great places to camp and hike outdoors. My drive to work consists of deer, fox, and wild turkey spottings. My day at work consists of  planting butterfly gardens and feeding the squirrels. My night consists of walks through the woods with my dog, who loves the freedom of roaming through the trees. If you’re a lover of the outdoors, Vermont is a great place for you.


Love Vermont

2. Seasons. I grew up in a small town in Southern California, a place where the climate was moderate and averaged around 70 degrees throughout most Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. When I first moved to New England, I had never seen snow or experienced a crisp, Vermont autumn. I had never seen the beauty of the leaves turning so boldly or colorfully, or the major contrast between icy winters and summers only meant for swimming. Now that I’ve been here for many years, I look forward to the transition between the seasons and the ways life changes during each. It’s a special part of New England and a special part of Vermont, something non-existent in many other places around the US.


Love Vermont
Photo taken at Old Athens Farm by Kate Barcellos

3. Commitment to local. The localvore movement is spreading across the United States, but a love for local has always been a part of Vermont’s ethos. From local cheeses, furniture, flowers, wine and beer; the culture of Vermont is one that prioritizes supporting our community and the people who work to make it great! It just so happens that Vermont is known for crafting the best of the best; the best microbrews, the best fine furniture, the best cheese, the best sweets, (and more) so we’re very lucky that supporting our local farmers, crafters and artisans is so easy!


Love Vermont

4. No Billboards. Take a drive down any Vermont road and you’ll notice that the only thing lining the pavement is dirt, grass, and trees. Vermonters don’t want to disturb the beauty of the natural landscape with unnecessary advertisements, giving you the perfect highways and back roads for summer road trips and autumn leaf peeping. The photo above is the road leading right to our rural Vermont showroom, Stonehurst.


Love Vermont

5. Sustainability.  Besides all the woodlands & wildlife, Vermont is known for being “green” in another way. Vermont is a leader in the environmental movement with its stances on conservation, its passion for supporting local agriculture, and commitment to sustainable energy use. Curbside compost and recycling is the norm in many places around Vermont, and environmental education is a field of study people across the US are journeying to Vermont learn about! Plus, you’ll find lots of bikers!  Some of our employees have even committed to biking to work sometimes instead of driving to save energy and reduce their eco-footprints.

Vermont is a great place to work, to live, and to explore… but if you can’t live here yourself, you can always take a piece of Vermont home with you by shopping for Vermont crafted furniture and home decor. Or if you find yourself at a local beer store, stay on the look out for Heady Topper, Long Trail, and Woodchuck Cider! The magic of Vermont can be found all over the place if you look for it!

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