Tiger Conservation | Boycott Livi and Paseo Toilet Paper | Stop Deforestation in Sumatra
Vermont Woods supports the World Wildlife Fund in their efforts to save tiger habitat in the Sumatran rainforest.  Each sale of Vermont made furniture plants one tree to help reforest the planet through The Nature Conservancy’s Plant a Billion Trees project.

Vermont Woods Studios was born out of our passion for rainforest conservation.  I remember when we were getting started back in 2005 we came up with a manifesto that explained the connection between wood furniture, rainforest conservation and global warming (in retrospect it looks a little too emotional, but at least I can say that it was spoken from the heart).  Anyway, seven years later our passion for conservation has turned into a growing sustainable furniture business where each sale is used to help reforest the planet through The Nature Conservancy’s Plant a Billion Trees project.

I realize most people see topics like rainforest conservation as  boring but the truth is that our favorite iconic species like tigers, lions, pandas and gorillas all make their homes in the forest and all are critically endangered.  With rainforest destruction proceeding at the rate of 1 acre/second (every minute of every hour of every day) there’s not much time left for these species unless we take action.

We use this blog occasionally to raise awareness about where your furniture comes from and how that affects your favorite creatures of the forest.  Buy imported furniture and there’s a good chance it’s made from rare woods that have been clear-cut from the rainforest.  Buy American made furniture and it’s probably made from American wood that’s been harvested sustainably.  There are other things you can do to help save tigers and the rainforest.  When buying coffee, nuts, rubber, paper or any type of forest product, check to see if it’s been produced sustainably.

Here’s an example of how you can make a difference.  It’s a project by the World Wildlife Fund where consumers are boycotting Paseo and Livy toilet paper which are made by clear-cutting ancient, old growth trees in primary rainforests of Sumatra.  The boycott is working and as a result WWF is able to help conserve Sumatra’s rare tigers and orangutans.  Check out WWF’s website and see what you can do to lend a hand with this important project.

And if you love tigers as much as we do, learn more about how homeowners can help Save the Tiger on our website.

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