Pam Cutler & Husband | Vermont Woods Studios
We’re excited to introduce our new marketing manager! Pam Cutler is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology RIT, where she met her husband, Silas. After spending some time in South Carolina, the couple moved to New England.  Now they live within a short commute of our offices and showroom at Stonehurst… how convenient!

A New Marketing Manager

Please help me welcome Pam Cutler to our growing family of fine furniture aficionados at Vermont Woods Studios.  Pam’s our new marketing manager, bringing a wonderful set of traditional and digital marketing skills to the table.  We share an alma mater, Rochester Institute of Technology, where Pam earned a B.S. in Marketing, with a concentration in ecommerce.  “While attending RIT, I discovered my passion for digital marketing, as a person who loves connecting the dots between actions and results. I love selling online and being able to help connect the searcher with the very product they are looking for.”

Pam Cutler | Vermont Woods Studios
Pam’s 3 beautiful children enjoying the good life in New England’s rural landscape.

In Pursuit of Giant Pumpkins

Pam’s hobbies include gardening (especially growing giant pumpkins), needle felting, baking, spending time with family and “spoiling my two dogs, Mia and Linus”.  Somehow I think they may not be the only ones getting spoiled in the Cutler household.

Celebration Anyone?

Pam Cutler | Vermont Woods Studios | Fine Furniture from Sustainable Sources
This is Pam in between Dennis and Nina at the entrance to our Stonehurst showroom. She’s the one who gets you up & away from your computer now and then to celebrate. Any reason will do… even Eclipse 2017 (um it was a little underwhelming in Vernon, Vermont).

Shop Pam’s Favorites

Stay in the loop and find out more about Pam on our blog. Or stop in to our Stonehurst showroom to help us welcome Pam into the the world of “fine furniture from sustainable sources”.

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