Guanacastemap The Guanacaste Rincon Rainforest Conservation Area in northwestern Costa Rica is only about the size of New York City and its suburbs, but It contains as many species as do all of the continental United States and Canada!  And like the other rainforests in Costa Rica and around the world, it is under attack by global warming, logging and over-development.  Today I had the privilege of talking with Norm Gershenz director and co-founder of the Center for Ecosystem Survival, aka   Since 1987, Norm has been working with zoos and other organizations around the world to support rainforest conservation.  We are proud to join Norm in support of his efforts and have added to our list of non-profits that will receive the customer referral rewards I wrote about yesterday.  We will also post an Adopt and Acre donation button on our site for you convenience and we'll track the amount of acres saved by our customers on the Vermont Woods Studios website.

With rainforests shrinking as quickly as 70,000 acres per day, the world is losing 50,000 plant, animal and insect species per year. Nearly half of the earth's species will be gone in the next few decades – unless we do something about it.  Time to get onboard The Green Train.  There's not a moment to lose!

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