NestboxFor years I've been trying to either cajole or coerce some of the creative people at Vermont Woods Studios to guest blog for me.  Our team members' lives are infinitely more exciting than mine so naturally I am ecstatic to finally report that I've recruited a guest blogger, Dennis Shanoff.  Woohoo!


Dennis is an ace online marketing genie and an avid outdoorsman and naturalist.  I'm excited to welcome him to this forum and I look forward to reading his posts.  Here is the first:


"My weekends discovery has reminded us at Vermont Woods Studios to thank our customers who have “feathered their nests” with our cozy Vermont Made furniture.

You might be interested to know that other families are beneficiaries of the Vermont Furniture you chose for your home! It’s just that these families happened to be feathered! You see the small lumber cutoffs from some of our craftsman I turn into nesting boxes for birds, specifically the Eastern Bluebird and the equally beautiful and graceful Tree Swallow. These guys eat pesky bugs and they eat up lots of bugs when their young arrive!

I maintain about a dozen boxes in my yard and some of my neighbors that have the right terrain have placed our nest boxes in their yards. I monitor these boxes every few days to see how things are going. As usual this year I have full occupancy. Mostly Tree Swallows but I have observed 3 boxes taken by Bluebirds. This past Saturday I found eggs in all the boxes and in one box a Momma Bluebird was sitting tight.

 So Sunday morning when Momma bluebird flew out to get some breakfast I checked into the nest box and discovered tiny hatchlings that couldn’t have been more then a day old! Perfect timing! This is the soonest I have seen them after hatching. About the size of a Nickel!






Baby bluebirds


The Tree Swallows should be hatching very soon too. While the Swallows will hatch, fledge, and hang out a bit, they will eventually move on. The bluebirds on the other hand will repeat this process 2 or 3 more times this summer. And the young from the first Bluebird hatch will stay around to help Mom & Dad take care of the next batch! And so it goes on my land year after year. It’s such a great feeling knowing each year you helped nature put 60 or more beneficial birds on the planet and in the skies!

So we thank you and a big thank you from our appreciative feathered friends! They just love these nest boxes! And we hope you are loving your newly furnished nest too!"

Contributed by guest blogger Dennis Shanoff

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