Vt-natural-coatingsFor many of our customers, the finish on their wood furniture is the most important aspect.  Beyond aesthetics and ideals, these "finishing touches" can be considered a very real health concern.  Often, one or more members of the family is allergic or sensitive to certain chemical finishes. 

More and more, consumers are being made aware of the adverse effects that even trace amounts of chemical exposure can have on those with fragile health.  Here at Vermont Woods Studios Furniture we offer a number of standard clear, non-toxic finishes including natural linseed oil, poly gel, and low-VOC lacquer.  Customers can also purchase custom "green" finishes, such as the Vermont Natural Coatings Poly Whey finish which is made here in Vermont from dairy products. 

We work with individual customers to understand their specific concerns and needs and to suggest natural, non-toxic furniture finishes that we have researched and tested and found to be effective for protecting our health, our furniture and our planet. 

The Internet, of course, has made it much easier for consumers to do their own research on natural, eco-friendly finishes and to really delve into a product's specifications.  MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) are available online as well as anecdotal stories and opinions written by professionals and consumers. 

Are you looking for help with natural, non-toxic finishes for your organic furniture?  Feel free to give us a call and we'll help you select the natural, organic furniture with a chemical-free finish that's best for your needs.

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