Today is my mother’s birthday. She’s my idol. I hate that we don’t get to see each other enough because of the 200 miles between us.  One of the many great things Mom does to ameliorate that is to clip environmental and wildlife news from her magazines and newspaper and send them to me periodically.  Today I got an article about how much the owl and raptor populations of New England suffered this winter because of the prolonged icy cover on the snow.  No way to get to the mice and voles.  Another article was about Laos, once called the “Land of a Million Elephants” where now the endangered population is down to 700.  Mom makes sure all the news isn’t depressing though.  I got a photo of 5 hooded seals that were released back into the wild after being rehabilitated after a stranding in March, another photo of 6 great blue herons who recently returned to Lake Champlain for the season, a  story about snow geese migrating through Mom’s town Plattsburgh, NY on their way to the Arctic tundra for the summer and the piece de resistance, an article about soaring populations of the bald eagle around Lake Champlain.  In 30 years, the population has gone from almost none to 84.  Hooray!

Since I don’t get enough time to read and study all the magazines and journals that drove me to develop Vermont Woods Studios in the first place, Mother’s Environmental News and World Report has become one of my most important sources of information and inspiration. 

Who do you get your environmental news from?  Stay aware of what’s going on both locally and globally.  Knowledge is power.  You can change the world.

Happy Birthday, Mom!


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