Moe Momaney, Painter | Brattleboro Vermont | Stonehurst Before and After
Moe Momaney, a Painter from Brattleboro, Vermont and his crew are painting the exterior of Stonehurst, Vermont’s newest Fine Furniture and Art Gallery.

Here’s an update on the exterior painting at Stonehurst.  A couple weeks ago I polled you on what your preference was for the exterior paint color.  The response was an overwhelming preference for RED.  What’s up with that?  I was hoping to restore Stonehurst to it’s former self.  It was a white farmhouse for 150 years or so before it’s life as Pine Top, Vernon’s local ski area in the 1940s – 1960s.

When Moe Momaney and his crew are finished I’ll post pictures of the New Do.  It’s not too late to register your vote though, if you haven’t already.  Keep in mind there will be lots of flowers and landscaping in front of the house.  In fact, today we’ll be meeting with Gordon Hayward, a landscape designer from Hayward Gardens in Putney, VT.  I’ll report on that front later this week.


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