Copeland Moduluxe Collection
Copeland 29″ Moduluxe Collection shown in natural cherry wood with upholstered headboard.

We recently added a large bedroom collection to our online gallery called the Moduluxe Collection. This collection is made by Copeland Furniture of Bradford, Vermont. The Moduluxe Collection is comprised of almost 40 pieces of bedroom furniture that is highly customizable. The pieces within this collection can be paired together as stand alone pieces, or can be configured as sectional bedroom furniture for a semi-built in look. Every piece of furniture in this collection is available in your choice of natural maple, walnut, or cherry hardwood, and can be customized with 12 stain options.

The Moduluxe Collection is broken down into three series on our website: Copeland 29″ Moduluxe Collection, Copeland 35″ Moduluxe Collection, and Copeland Moduluxe Storage Bed Collection. The reason they are broken down into three different series is because of their configurability. In order to join the pieces together, they must be the same height (either 29″ or 35″), and therefore, in the same series.


Bed with Storage - Moduluxe Collection
Beds are available in 3 headboard options: panel (shown), clapboard, or upholstered. Available as a platform bed or bed with storage (as shown).

Moduluxe Beds

The 29″ and 35″ Series each have 3 modern platform beds. These beds feature a deeply set plinth base for a dramatic floating motif. The beds are available in three headboard types: a panel headboard, a clapboard headboard, and an upholstered headboard (available in leather or microfiber). The height of the headboard depends on the series, it will either be 29″ high or 35″ high.

If you’re looking for a bed with storage, the Moduluxe Storage Bed Collection has storage beds available in 3 different headboards. The headboard choices are the same as the 29″ and 35″ series: panel, clapboard, or upholstered headboards. The storage bed is always 35″ high to accommodate the under bed storage. The storage beds feature 4, eight inch deep, sub-mounted drawers. This provides inconspicuous storage, freeing up extra space in your bedroom. The storage bed is a perfect option for a small bedroom or studio apartment.

Copeland Moduluxe Collection with platform bed & integrated nightstands
35″ platform bed with clapboard headboard shown with integrated nightstands.

Moduluxe Nightstands

There are two types of integrated nightstands that are compatible with the beds in each of the Moduluxe series. Each of the nightstand types are classified as “integrated nightstands” because they must be connected to a bed and cannot stand alone. Nightstands are available with one drawer or with a shelf, and available in two width sizes: 18″w or 24″w.

Moduluxe Case Goods

Within each series, you will find a large variety of wood chests and dressers that will fit any storage needs. A unique thing about the Moduluxe Collection is that it has corner cabinets and chests, which allow you to wrap your furniture around your bedroom, saving space. The corner bedroom pieces are intended to be configured with other dressers and chests within the series for a semi-built in feel. The rest of the chests and dressers can also be configured with other pieces in the collection; however, they also look stylish standing alone.

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