If you already have a box springs and are looking for a bed, we've got lots of beautiful solid wood box-springs style beds to choose from. But if you're shopping for a new mattress, be aware that there's no longer any need to purchase a box springs with todays mattresses.

OK, we still have box springs in our beds at home, but I'm here to tell you they are a dying breed.  If you're out shopping for a new bed or mattress don't be conned into buying a box springs.

Todays new mattresses are deisgned to be used without a box springs.  Think about it… what were the old box springs for anyway?  To keep your mattress from falling on the floor if your bed frame had no slats.  And to give you some height so you didn't have to squat to get in and out of bed. 

But nowadays, mattresses are thicker (many with pillow tops) so you don't need the extra height.  New beds are built as platform beds at the proper height for new mattresses, using slats to support the mattress.  New mattresses often have restrictions that specifically negate their warranty if the mattress is placed on a box springs– particularly memory foam and latex mattresses which need to "breath". 

Now if you're like me and you have perfectly good mattress-box springs sets in your home already, you may have a hard time finding a good selection of beds to support them.  So we've put together this page of all our solid wood beds that will accommodate a box springs.  Most are available in twin, full, queen, king, Cal king and XL sizes and you can order online or give us a call with your questions.

No dinosaurs in your bedroom?  OK, here's our full selection of 100% American made, solid wood beds from Vermont.  Welcome to the new world of platform beds!

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