Martha Stewart Living Featured Vermont Woods Studios in Article About American Made Furniture
We’re featured in a Martha Steward Living article about furniture makers that embody the American-made spirit. Many thanks to writer, Gabriela Barkho!  We’re proud to be included in such a distinguished cadre of American furniture makers.

Sally’s Acceptance Speech

In 1984  Sally Field won an Oscar for her starring role in, Places in the Heart. In spite of a rich and distinguished career, she had not gotten the recognition that many of her peers enjoyed.  In her acceptance speech, Sally’s excitement was unmistakable as she realized her talent, drive and determination were finally getting recognition:

I wanted more than anything to have your respect…

Now I feel it and I can’t deny the fact that you like me.

Right now. You like me.


Feeling Like Sally

In spite of the fact that Vermont has a rich history of making top quality fine furniture for well over 200 years, I feel like our furniture makers don’t always get their just due. So we’re excited to get a nod from the “Academy” of the home furnishings world.  Surely Martha Stewart Living would be at the center of such a panel if there was one, right?

Vermont is the Fine Furniture Capital of the Country

Just sayin’.  Our little state boasts over 1000 furniture companies plus 2000 independent woodworkers operating out of small shops, barns and garages. They produce a diverse collection of wood furnishings for every taste and budget and together they have earned a world-wide reputation for integrity, authenticity and green design.  Getting recognition for that is important to the future of the industry. Check out a few of the makers that caught Martha Stewart’s eye:

Vermont Furniture Designs | Loft Bedroom
Vermont Furniture Designs
Maple Corner Furniture | Vermont | Dining Rooms
Maple Corner Furniture

I think you’ll like them.  You’ll really like them!

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