Made in America Holiday Shopping Challenge

One of our founding principles at Vermont Woods Studios is to sell American Made furniture. We have always sold 100% American Made wood furniture, and we will only sell USA made furniture in the future.  The truth is, over 75% of the wood furniture that you see in American stores is manufactured overseas, and it is very likely that the wood was harvested illegally from one of the world’s rapidly disappearing rainforests. Furniture isn’t the only industry dominated by foreign made goods. It’s all around us.

There are a number of reasons as to why American Made goods are important; quality and the environment are just a few. However, over the past few years, people have seen a direct correlation between purchasing American Made products, and seeing local economies flourish. Creating jobs for American people seems to be the most compelling reason to buy products made in the USA.

Made in America Holiday Shopping Challenge

This past year ABC news ran a Made in America series where they did a great job of raising awareness as to how little we have in our homes that are products of this country. The series cited some amazing statistics like this: if each American spends just $3.33 on American made goods this year it would generate 10,000 jobs. Wow!

Inspired by the TV series our staff member, Dennis, recognized that pairing the concept of  buying American Made products with the holidays could make a difference. This is the time of year when we spend the most amount of money. How many Americans are buying gifts for family members and loved ones? How many Secret Santa offices parties will there be? How many school children will be participating in classroom gift exchanges? How many people are having a Yankee Swap? In 2011 the National Retail Federation predicted that Americans would spend $462 billion during the holiday season. This year, they predict that we will spend $586.1 billion during the 2012 holiday season. Imagine the impact that we could have on the economy if we all purchased a few American made items for the holidays.

Noting the impact that that a small business could have, Vermont Woods Studios participated in an American made holiday office party. In addition, we reached out to our family, friends, and customers and asked them to take a pledge to support our country’s economy by purchasing goods made right here in the United States. Our Made in America Holiday Shopping Challenge caught the eye of the producers at ABC News, and we were invited to join Diane Sawyer in an episode of the Made in America series! Watch our staff and our challenge from 2011 on ABC World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer.

Thanks to many supporters, especially ABC News, the trend of buying American from last year has turned into a full movement. The awareness consumers have, and the mindfulness of buying habits, has further established the importance of buying American Made goods. So, this year we are continuing this movement with full force. We will have an American Made office party, and each staff member at Vermont Woods Studios has taken the pledge to buy American Made this holiday season.

Make The Pledge, Follow The Movement

Here’s how you can support our pledge and join us in spreading the word about our Made in America Holiday Shopping Challenge.

1. Like us on Facebook. Stay connected to us throughout the holiday gift buying season. We’ll offer our support through making our followers aware of the variety of American Made holiday gift ideas that are available.

2. Visit our blog. We will be sharing ideas, research, and findings about buying American made holiday gifts.

3. Follow our American Made Pinterest Board. This is the easiest place for us to store gift ideas for you to repin and save to your own boards.

Join us! Take the pledge to buy American Made holiday gifts! Let’s see if we can make a difference buying American Made gifts for the holidays. Write about it in your blog. Share it on your Facebook. Repin US Made products on Pinterest. Write an article for your local newspaper. Email it to your Mom. See if your friends and co-workers will jump on board too. Together, we can do it. We can make a difference!

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