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King Size Cherry Sleigh Beds: Measure Twice, Purchase Once

May 24th, 2010 by Peggy Farabaugh

Authentic handmade Cherry sleigh beds are really quite a
show-stopper.  They're one of our most popular items and it's easy to
see why.  They make quite a statement in even the most posh bedroom. 
But if you're thinking about acquiring a King Size Cherry Sleigh Bed, or any size sleigh bed really, be sure to measure, measure, measure.  Not only should you layout newspapers in your bedroom to represent the full footprint of the bed, but you need to also measure the doorways, hallways and other pathways that lead into your bedroom.

As it happens, we do have a beautiful  King
Size Cherry Sleigh Bed
on sale now that fell victim to this measuring issue.  It could not make its way into a customers bedroom last week so we have it here– it's already built and ready to ship at a moment's notice.  Because it takes up so much room in our workshop we've priced it at a deep discount too.  It's a great opportunity to acquire an incredible piece of handmade bedroom furniture at a fabulous price.  But do be sure to measure first before making your decision ;)


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  1. craftmatic says:

    The bed looks awesome. The wooden frame that is designed and crafted with quality wood, makes it more appealing. The thick mattress looks very comfortable and smooth. I can’t wait to have a picture of myself jumping on that bed.

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