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Kids Furniture: Health and Safety Considerations

March 14th, 2011 by Peggy Farabaugh



Traditionally, we've only sold Vermont-made, solid wood furniture at Vermont Wood Studios.  But when customers asked us to carry a Kids Furniture Collection, we decided to research an innovative new recycled plastic furniture called "polywood". 

After evaluating many different lines of children's furniture lines, we settled on polywood because we liked the environmental aspect (taking plastic out of the waste stream), but even more– we were sold on the excellent safety rating, strong and sturdy design and the non-toxic nature of the furniture.  

Kids have special needs and vulnerabilities and we feel polywood addresses them better than all the other alternatives. Most children’s furniture found in American stores today is imported from overseas where there is little regulation of health, safety and toxicity.  That’s why we see product recalls for things like toxic lead and cadmium levels in paint finishes and failure of cheap moving parts.  





At Vermont Woods Studios we wanted to carry an American made collection of kids indoor-outdoor furniture that would exceed US health and safety regulations.  Our Poly Wood Kids Furniture Collection has several advantages other than health and safety:  it is well-designed, sturdy, colorful, weatherproof, maintenance-free and stylish. Polywood Childrens’ Adirondack chairs and picnic tables can be customized online in a variety of 12 vibrant colors and carry a lifetime guarantee as well as a low-price guarantee.  Check them out and let us know what you think!


More about health and safety considerations with children's furniture and toys.


5 Responses to “Kids Furniture: Health and Safety Considerations”

  1. ann smith says:

    this item is very interesting and nice. Making such an Item for the safety of kids.

  2. peterpan says:

    I think these would be great as kids furniture for my boys, they need something that can withstand the wear and tear and these look like they can do that. I’ll keep looking because I’d like to purchase from

  3. bunk beds for kids says:

    Its a cute outdoor furniture for kids. In purchasing this kind of furniture, you might also consider the ones with a sturdy built so that even the kids are grown they can still use it.

  4. A. Peck says:

    Kid’s furniture that is safe, attractive, affordable, durable and made of recycled material is hard to come by these days. It looks like Poly Wood Kids Furniture Collection has it all!

  5. Gerry Bossier says:

    Health and safety in making kids’ furniture are the companies’ top priority. The ones shown on pictures are kinda cute. If you know not how to do it, it’s safer to let the professionals make one for you or you can just buy.

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