Vernon-VT-Made-in-America-ChallengeI am really sorry if, like us, you were watching ABC World News with Diane Sawyer last night for a segment on our Made in America Christmas Shopping Challenge.  We weren't there :(   

After the show I guess I received about- oh a hundred or so phone calls, emails, tweets and Facebook posts from our friends, relatives, customers and neighbors asking what went wrong.  I sent a panicked email off to ABC's producer, Christine Brozyna and she was nice enough to respond immediately saying that time constraints prevented our segment from being aired on schedule.  I guess this is not unusual as the news is never predictable.  Anyway, Christine assured me that our segment is still in the works and will be aired in the near future.  She will let me know when that is and I'll post it here and on our facebook.

In the meantime I want to thank everyone for watching and for their interest in our project.  What amazes me most about this is how far a little town like Vernon reaches out into the world (remember the six degrees of separation theory).  People from all over Vermont and the Northeast were watching and waiting to see their friends and relatives from Vernon.  Jane and Larry Brown had the whole island of St John watching too.  Manjula's family and friends in India were watching.  Ken and I got texts from all across the country- even from people we haven't spoken to in years who were watching and I'm sure the same goes for everyone else who was in the segment.  With all that goodwill on our side, I can't help but be confident that the segment will indeed air soon and shine a light on the little community that started this whole Made in America Christmas Shopping Challenge, made famous by ABC.




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