Spotted-salamander Jim Andrews is one of our favorite forest and wildlife conservationists in Vermont.  Jim is the father of the Vermont Reptile and Amphibian Atlas, an inventory of Vermont's snakes, frogs, salamanders and toads that's essential for forest and wetlands preservation in our state.  We named our Natural Cherry Furniture Collection after Jim and we send a portion of the proceeds from each sale to support his work.

Tonight some of Jim's work will be featured at 7pm on Vermont Public Television in a program called Rattlers, Peepers and Snappers.  In it Jim joins Vermont filmmaker Vince Franke and other local experts throughout New England on a number of "field trips" to document important issues of biology, natural history and more. 

 If you can't see the show tonight, you might want to purchase a copy of the DVD.  Although it's just been released, it's already won wide acclaim, including an honorable mention for Scientific Content at the 32nd International Wildlife Film Festival on May 9-16…quite an honor because the film festival draws entries from the British Broadcasting Corporation, National Geographic, Animal Planet International, and the Nature series on PBS.

Congratulations Jim, Vince Franke and all of the video contributors on a job well done!

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  1. Found your website through learning renewable resources. Enjoy reading your blog and will like to share mine with you. Wildlife is my favourite topic too.


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