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I don’t know nothin’ bout birthing babies…

February 27th, 2008 by Peggy Farabaugh

There are lots of advantages to having an office adjacent to the barn on a working horse farm in Vermont, but I think this has to be the best of all:  we’re having a baby soon.  Hopefully this week.  Annette (mother of all horses) and owner of the farm, is going to deliver the foal herself, as she has so many times over the years.  Like Butterfly McQueen’s Prissy in GWTW, I’m eager to help, but entirely ignorant about this sort of thing.  Did you know that once the mare’s water breaks, you have only 15 minutes to get the baby out?  I’m hoping Kari chooses the daytime for ther BIG event, but Annette has cameras and sound monitors installed in the birthing stall for 24-7 surveillance.   Anyway, if you’re on the phone with us and hear neighing in the background, you’ll know the time is getting near.  I’ll post photos of the baby…we’re hoping for a girl!


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