Did you know that furniture today, on average is CHEAPER than it was 25
years ago?  How can that be when everything else has skyrocketed in
price?  Well, over the years the furniture industry has been
transformed from one where most items were crafted legally here in the USA to
the present situation where the vast majority of pieces are made in
China, Indonesia and other third world countries.  Consumers may
initially see the low prices as a bonus, however a closer look at the
underlying realities reveals a whole host of undesirable side-effects:

  • The world's rainforests are being
    decimated at unprecedented rates due in part to illegal clear-cutting to produce
    timber for our floors and furniture
  • This loss of rainforest accounts
    for about 20% of global warming
  • Many iconic species that rely on the rainforest for
    habitat are
    quickly heading for extinction, including panda bears,
    orangutans, tigers, jaguars, gorillas and many more
  • Vast amounts of oil are required to transport the illegal timber from its
    origins in tropical rainforests to
    sawmills in distant lands and then again on
    to China for manufacture and yet again to the US for sale

In addition to the environmental issues, there is a huge difference in quality between mass produced, mass marketed imported furniture and that made in the USA.  We'll talk about that next time.

At Vermont Woods Studios, all of our furniture is handcrafted from sustainably harvested woods.  Most of our wood originates from well managed forests right here in Vermont or in neighboring Northeastern states.  When customers do request rainforest woods like mahogany or teak, we make sure they are certified as sustainably harvested, carrying the international gold seal of approval from the Forest Stewardship Council, FSC.  You can rest comfortably knowing that both your furniture and the forests where it came from will be around for generations to come.

This blog is written by your friends at Vermont Woods Studios. Check out our Vermont made furniture and home decor online and visit our showroom and art gallery at Stonehurst, the newly restored 1800s farmhouse nestled in the foothills of the Green Mountains.

2 thoughts on “Handcrafted in Vermont versus Imported. What’s the Difference?

  1. We can use wood from right in our own country or even state and that is great. it’s nice to know that you do.
    But also, and just as important, I am looking for furniture with no stains and no paint. I may put my own furnture polish on it to preserve it but that’s it.
    What does your furniture have on it?
    I may be able to get a stain, etc off with commerical remover, but why should I have to when I can get furniture that doesn’t have it on in the first place?

  2. Hi Shelly-
    We are happy to provide our furniture unfinished, if you like. Just give us a call or email us with any questions regarding particular items. We’ll be happy to help. Best regards,


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