Last week
while I was at the Providence Fine Furnishing Show I was lucky enough to meet
Brian Boggs and Scott Landis of GreenWood/Madera Verde. Both gentlemen were
instrumental in establishing a community-based sustainable forestry initiative
in Latin America whose mission is to increase the value of the forest to its
inhabitants through appropriate woodworking technology. As with our project with
LaChonta in Bolivia, the GreenWood affiliated forest dwellers are able to earn
more by managing their forest than they would make from conventional agriculture
or destructive logging.  Since GreenWood’s inception in 1993, It has trained
more than 40 artisans, adding to the forest economy of more than five different
communities. Employing mainly handtools and lesser known wood species, these
artisans have produced a wide range of furniture, craft products and boat and
guitar parts.  I spoke to Brian and Scott about importing some of these products to make available to our customers, but GreenWood is not yet able to accomodate our needs.  Perhaps in the future.

We commend
Brian and Scott and thank them for their hard work and impressive results.  And
BRAVO, Brian for winning Best in Show for an individual piece at Providence! 
And BRAVO Scott for your
excellent books on woodworking.  Best of luck with GreenWood.

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