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Customize Your Furniture to Fit in Your Space

October 20th, 2009 by Peggy Farabaugh

Cherry-moon-furniture I was just walking a customer through Arrange-A-Room, the software I blogged about in the last post when we realized how helpful it is in customizing your furniture to fit into your space.  Kelly is furnishing her bedroom with a bed, 2 night stands, and some combination of: a chest of drawers, a dresser, a TV armoire, a gent's chest and a sweater chest. 

She's now having fun playing with Arrange-A-Room and is happy to be able to size our furniture up or down to fit perfectly into her layout.

At Vermont Woods Studios we'll customize your furniture, usually at little or no additional expense.  Check it out!


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  1. craftmatic says:

    I currently visiting your site and i must say im a big fan of your furniture design, well crafted and very unique. especially the Sleigh bed my favorite wonderful! keep up the good work.

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