At 2:30am on Christmas Eve
, our landlord and wonderful supporter and promoter, Annette Roydon was awakened in her c. 1814 farmhouse by the smell of smoke.  She grabbed her cell phone and her dog, Hera and bolted down the stairs and out the front door.  As she was dialing emergency-911 she realized she was standing in the freezing snow and cold with nothing on but a T-shirt.  She had just enough time to run upstairs, snatch a pair of jeans and run out, before the house burst into flames.

Thanks to the quick response of the local Vernon Fire Department and six other fire departments from neighboring towns, the fire was put out by early-morning and no one was hurt.  Although the farmhouse and the adjoining office space which was our showroom were a complete loss, the barn was saved, as were all the livestock including horses, cows and chickens.

Now that several days have gone by and we've been able to get over the initial shock, we are looking at options for moving forward and will keep you posted here on our blog.  Our online Vermont Woods Studios store is functioning just fine, with no interruption, so that much is a big relief.

Annette gives us all inspiration after losing just about every material thing she owned, including valuable artwork, jewelry and family heirlooms that had been handed down to her over many generations.  She said that the outpouring of concern and compassion and the many offers of help were a heart-warming reminder of what Christmas is really all about.  She's unbelievable, isn't she?  Thanks, Annette for your indominatable spirit.

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