Shaker Desk and Bookcase
Modern Shaker 2-Glass Door Bookcase and Campaign Desk both in Walnut)

Use Bookcases to Showcase More Than Just Your Encyclopedia Collection!

One of the things I love about visiting other people’s homes is seeing what statement they’re making about their personality. Are they sentimental, creative or conservative? Do they like to display a lot of personal items or keep things more uniform? The spaces I enjoy the most are the ones that tell a unique story. From the layout, color and material of the furniture to the number of pictures hanging on the wall, you want your space to represent you.

I like to think of a design space with the same mindset I think of my wardrobe. I dress a certain way to portray an image that is representative of my personality.

As Coco Chanel said, “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”

That saying is true when you’re decorating your home, too. We’ve all been to one of those houses where you walk in and you’re instantly overwhelmed because it’s covered head-to-toe with “stuff”. To avoid doing that (or simply over decorating) you can focus your collection of home goods and keepsakes to designated areas.

Instead of using up precious table and counter space, a unique way to showcase your collectibles is with a bookcase. It’s also a nice way to break up your space and can compliment your other furniture. We have a variety of beautiful, handcrafted bookcases, filing cabinets and occasional tables and during our Home Office & Living Room Furniture Sale*, the time has never been better to shop and save.

I’ve included a sampling of bookcases from our collection to highlight the different ways you can furnish your space to tell your story.

Cherry Moon Bookcase in Cherry

Cherry Moon Bookcase- This bookcase with its open display, is great for both organizing and showcasing keepsakes and artwork. It features the signature Cherry Moon reverse tapered legs and gentle arching curve on the bottom. It is available in a variety of heights and adjustable shelf options and can be made in Cherry, Maple and Walnut woods.

Custom Shaker Bookcase with Full Glass Doors in Cherry

Custom Shaker Bookcase Full Glass Doors- If your keepsakes and artifacts are a bit more fragile, this may be the bookcase for you. The double, glass panel doors protect your collection while allowing you and your guests to admire the display. This piece is customized to fit any space and features adjustable shelf options. It is available in Cherry, Maple, Oak and Walnut woods with a variety of Finishes.

Solid Wood Bookcase with Panel Doors

Solid Wood Bookcase with Panel Doors-This versatile bookcase allows you to display artwork, books and keepsakes as well as serve as a storage space, featuring panel doors on the bottom third of the unit. Show what you want and hide what you don’t! This case is customizable to fit for your space and has adjustable shelf options. It is available in Cherry, Maple, Oak and Walnut woods with a variety of Finishes.

Ladder Style Bookcase in Cherry

Ladder Style Bookcase- If you’re going for a modern minimalist style, this may be the piece for you. This bookcase offers 5 hand-crafted shelves in an open design allowing you to display your books, artwork and collectables. In addition to the standard case size, this piece can be customized and is available in Cherry, Maple, Oak and Walnut woods.

If you’re not sure where to start or what your looking for, use the wardrobe analogy: When I’m looking to refresh my wardrobe, I often pick a theme or style as a starting point, do the same for your space. Is it organization that you’re in need of, protection for fragile artifacts or storage space? Once you’ve determined your need, pick a bookcase or cabinet and go from there.

Our friendly team is always available for any questions you may have about our solid wood furniture, contact us toll free at 888-390-5571. Shop for your living room and office furniture securely and conveniently from our online store, order by phone or stop into our Vernon, VT Showroom.

*$1,000 minimum order to qualify for sale prices

This blog is written by your friends at Vermont Woods Studios. Check out our Vermont made furniture and home decor online and visit our showroom and art gallery at Stonehurst, the newly restored 1800s farmhouse nestled in the foothills of the Green Mountains.

Vermont Craftsman
A Vermont Craftsman at work on a furniture piece

In the world of Vermont’s Made to Order Furniture there are many advantages:  your furniture is handcrafted especially for you, you can customize it to fit exactly into your space, you can feel good about the fact that your furniture is made from trees that are harvested sustainably with respect for the forest environment, you’re helping to keep American craftsmanship alive & thriving, providing jobs and much more.  But there is one downside to having furniture built just for you:

It Takes Time

Time to Craft

Depending on who is making your furniture (we work with a dozen or so independent furniture makers), and what they’ve already got in their queue, it can take anywhere from 4-16+ weeks from the day you place your order to the day it is complete. Typically the crafting time is about 8-12 weeks, but specialty items or furniture that’s being made by our most popular craftsmen can take longer.


Time to Ship and Safely Deliver

After the furniture is built, it takes another 1-5 weeks to ship it, depending on where the customer lives.  Fine furniture cannot be FedEx’d (unless maybe it’s an end table or something that’s been designed for quick-ship).  Believe it or not, some of today’s FAST furniture delivery companies have average damage rates of up to 40%!

We’ve learned over the past 10 years of delivering furniture to homes in all 50 states that rushing an order to it’s destination is a gamble.  It might get there safely… then again it might not.  And since our customers are already waiting several weeks for their authentic, made to order furniture, we don’t want to have to call them and say, “sorry your furniture was damaged in transit and we have to re-craft it.  And re-ship it”.

Fortunately our customers understand this and are generally very patient and willing to wait for something that will one day become a family heirloom.

Keeping You Informed

Rebecca, Sean, Michelle and Loryn use a series of emails and phone calls to keep clients in the loop during the crafting and shipping process.  Right after your order, you’ll receive an email acknowledgement asking you to review the order details for accuracy & giving you an estimate of when it will be delivered.  Then when your order is half way through the process, we’ll email you again with an update.  Another communication will arrive when the craftsman has completed your order and we’ve scheduled it for pick-up with our furniture shipping specialist.  Finally when your order is in your area, we’ll connect you directly with our shipper to schedule a convenient time for delivery.  All along the way, you’ll have someone here, that you know by name, to talk to if you have any questions or concerns.  Then after delivery, we’ll email you again to make sure the delivery went well and you’re happy with your new furniture.

Quality, Made to Order Furniture that Lasts a Lifetime

In this world of instant gratification, where most furniture buyers walk into Bob’s Discount Furniture, Ikea or Ashley Furniture and walk out an hour later with something that’s substandard and unsustainably produced overseas by huge multi-national conglomerates, we find ourselves immensely grateful to our customers for their patience in waiting for the real thing.  When buying furniture that’s built to last a lifetime, we hope you’ll feel it’s worth the wait.

This blog is written by your friends at Vermont Woods Studios. Check out our Vermont made furniture and home decor online and visit our showroom and art gallery at Stonehurst, the newly restored 1800s farmhouse nestled in the foothills of the Green Mountains.

Estelle MCM Barstools by Copeland Furniture
Copeland Furniture’s Estelle counter stools, shown in solid natural cherry wood.  Also available in 5 different cherry stain colors.

Making a Comeback

Counter stools and bar stools have been enjoying a renaissance lately.  No longer relegated to the bar in the basement man-cave, these trending chairs are often the centerpiece of today’s open floor plan.  They’re rising to the challenge of making a beautiful focal point in the multi-purpose space that joins a kitchen with the den, TV room or dining room.

Say Hello to Mid Century Modern MCM Style

The photo above feature’s Copeland’s Estelle counter stools, shown in solid natural cherry wood.  With sculpted seats, this modern bar stool has a slender back that makes it as comfortable to sit on as it is beautiful to see. Estelle is available in natural cherry (no stain) and a choice of 5 different stain colors.

Modern bar and counter stools by Copeland Furniture
The Axix counter stools by Copeland Furniture are handcrafted in Vermont of solid ash wood and available in 4 different stain colors.

What’s the Difference Between Counter Stools & Bar Stools?

Renovating the kitchen?  Make sure you get your tables and chairs in the height that’s most comfortable for you. Counter stools are slightly shorter than bar stools:

  • Typically a counter height table is 35-39″ high and the height of the counter stool seat is 24-27″ high.
  • Bar height tables are typically 41-43″ high and the height of the bar stool seat is 28-33″” high.

Traditional, Shaker, Mission and Modern Styling

Copeland’s modern barstools and counter stools are getting a lot of attention these days but if your home features a more traditional esthetic, check out the following Shaker, Mission and Windsor sytle stools for timeless styling and appeal:



This blog is written by your friends at Vermont Woods Studios. Check out our Vermont made furniture and home decor online and visit our showroom and art gallery at Stonehurst, the newly restored 1800s farmhouse nestled in the foothills of the Green Mountains.

The Holland Sleigh Bed is handmade in Vermont
The Holland Sleigh Bed is handmade of solid hardwood in Vermont.  Shown here in natural cherry wood, it is also available in solid maple, walnut or oak.

Sleigh Beds

Everyone loves the old fashioned sleigh bed.  You know the style… it’s got a big curved headboard and footboard reminiscent of Santa’s sleigh as it soared over the empires of northern Europe in days of olde.


Santa's Sleigh | Holland Bed | Solid Hardwood | Handmade in Vermont

A New Kind of Sleigh Bed: the Holland

Today’s modern sleigh bed is elegant, sleek and unpretentious.  Check out our newest design, the Holland!  This one is handmade in Vermont (like all of our furniture) of all solid, natural cherry wood.  It’s also available in a handful of cherry stain colors as well as solid maple, walnut and oak wood.

The Holland sleigh bed is modern and sleek, handcrafted of all solid hardwood

All Solid Hardwood – No Veneers

Customers asked for a sleigh bed made with all solid hardwood and no veneers.  Solid hardwood is our traditional design but with sleigh beds and their curves… well it took a little re-thinking.  So our friends at Lyndon Furniture went back to the drawing board and came up with a design that enjoys the beloved curves of the traditional sleigh, without the need for veneers!  Have a look at all the photos Nina took from different angles and let us know what you think.  We’re always up for design tweaks, based on customer suggestions.

The modern Holland cherry dresser and chest are handmade in VT of solid hardwood

The Holland Dressers, Chests and Night Stands

The Holland Collection includes matching dressers, chests, night stands and mirrors, all handmade in Vermont of solid hardwood.  Many customers opt for the design above which incorporates the sleigh bed curve into the drawer fronts, avoiding the need for pulls.  Others have opted for modern metal pulls, or custom pulls they’ve seen online.

Custom Drawer Pulls for bedroom furniture. Made to order in VT.

Let us know what you think of our new modern sleigh bed collection on Facebook or better yet, give us a call to order yours today!


This blog is written by your friends at Vermont Woods Studios. Check out our Vermont made furniture and home decor online and visit our showroom and art gallery at Stonehurst, the newly restored 1800s farmhouse nestled in the foothills of the Green Mountains.

Candid customer reviews of Vermont made furniture.

Vermont Furniture Reviews

Every couple weeks, Sean sends a survey out to customers who have recently had our Vermont made furniture delivered to their homes.  We want to make sure that we’ve met & hopefully exceeded customer expectations.  And of course if we’ve fallen down on the job in any way, we have to ensure we’ve made things right with the customer and upgraded our systems so mistakes don’t happen again.  Surveys also give us a chance to ask our customers what changes they think we should make to better serve their future needs.  Occasionally though, we slip in a question that quite honestly, could be seen as a little self-serving… like:

What were the most important factors in your decision to buy from Us?

Quality craftsmanship is always a recurring theme in response to this question.  Here are some other specific responses that Sean and I were reading today:

  • “We wanted to support a local business when its price-point was the same as large online retailers. The personal touch was important as well”
  • “Styles available; quality and source of woods; friendly, knowledgeable, helpful sales person (Rebecca)”
  • “The guarantee; that it was made in the U.S.; the pleasant people who responded to our question”
  • “You build with walnut and cherry. Best woods for furniture. I had just finished a walnut table and needed the chairs to be of the same wood. The combination is spectacular!”
  • “Price and having a basic design that you were willing to alter, and having had a sale that covered the cost of the alteration to the design. It was also a help that you’re close enough to Boston that I could go arrange the alterations in person – we looked at a several of tables.”
  • Then there was this one from Phyllis W:

“I am not a wealthy person, but when I buy something, I want to love what I buy”

To me, that says it all.  It’s the bottom line and the reason we work so hard to keep this small business in business.  We want our customers to love what they buy.  To Phyllis and everyone who has invested their valuable time in responding to Sean’s customer satisfaction surveys:  thank you for helping us to continually improve and further our mission of furnishing a greener world.  We hope you love your new furniture!

Read more Vermont furniture reviews on our testimonials page and connect with our customers on Facebook.  Also, check out independent reviews on Green People, Site Jabber, Yellow Pages and Yelp.

This blog is written by your friends at Vermont Woods Studios. Check out our Vermont made furniture and home decor online and visit our showroom and art gallery at Stonehurst, the newly restored 1800s farmhouse nestled in the foothills of the Green Mountains.