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Be A Meals on Wheels Volunteer!

October 19th, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh


Meals on Wheels | Be A Volunteer | Vernon Vermont

Meals on Wheels in Vernon is looking for a volunteer to deliver lunch to seniors on Thursdays from 11am-noon.  Is anybody out there game?  It’s a lot of fun meeting with our seniors and chatting them up every week.

Know what the big secret about Meals on Wheels is?  The volunteers are the real beneficiaries.  It’s true!  You make new friends, hear old stories and get connected into the community.  Never mind that it just feels good to spend a little time each week helping others.

So if you’ve got a flexible schedule on Thursdays, give Chris McAvoy a call at 802-257-1236 and sign yourself up!  Or you can email Chris ( or drop by to see her in the Gibson Aiken Building at 207 Main Street in Brattleboro, VT.

Not able to commit to every single Thursday?  That’s totally fine.  We’ll take any help we can get.  Maybe every other Thursday?  Or just be on a list of substitutes who can be called when regular volunteers are sick or out of town.  Thanks for giving it some consideration.


Vernon Vermont’s Best Furniture Store Award?

October 15th, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

Best Furniture Store in Vernon, Vermont Award?

Check out this Best Furniture Store in Vernon, Vermont Award.  Woohoo, we beat out all the other fine furniture stores in the Greater Vernon Area!

I got an email from Sean today, titled “I thought this was kinda funny”.  Usually it’s annoying when junk mail slips through our spam filter but when this one made it’s way into Sean’s inbox, at least it gave us all a good laugh:  “The Vernon Award Program has chosen Vermont Woods Studios for the 2013 Vernon Awards in the Furniture Stores classification”

Now although we do feel very deserving of this award, I have to say that we’re the only furniture store in town.  In fact there are only a handful of businesses of any sort in Vernon (a booming metropolis of 2141 people, a couple stop signs, no red lights and a whole lot of corn and Holstein cows).

The email goes on to say:  Each year, across the GREATER VERNON AREA, the Vernon Award Program chooses only the best local businesses…  that exemplify excellence and lead through customer service and community involvement.

Best Furniture Store in Vernon Vermont Award?

Besides the 2141 residents in Vernon village proper, I guess the “greater Vernon area” would encompass a couple cemeteries and the fish hatchery pond so that does make the award seem more prestigious.

Anyway the point of the email is to get you to buy these phony plastic awards which you can click through to purchase.  The sad thing is that when I was googling around to find out who was behind the scam, I did find lots of photos of elderly business owners proudly holding their awards in front of their establishments.

So in the interest of helping others avoid this fate, I’ll post a link to ScamBook which drops a dime on these dirtballs as well as thousands of other scammers you may one day need to research:  “As the leading complaint resolution platform, Scambook’s primary purpose is to give consumers like you a voice. Whether you’re a victim of fraud or bad business practices, we aim to help share your story and even find a resolution. We are here to provide a platform where we can help you spread the word and fight against scammers, fraud, and bad business.

Now getting back to Sean… here is the message he sent to all of us at Vermont Woods Studios with his forward of the award:

“I can’t believe we won!  Great job everyone!”



Vermont Made Furniture: Customer Photos

October 14th, 2013 by Kelsey Eaton

We always say that we think our customers are some of the best interior designers, because the furniture looks so wonderful when you can tell that someone is really using it and enjoying it. This is why we appreciated these photos that were sent in by one of our customers today so much! Cheryl L. shared the following 3 photos of our Vermont Made furniture in her home–The Modern Designer Coffee Table, The American Mission Barstools, and the Modern Designer Sofa Table.

Modern Designer Coffee Table

The Modern Designer Coffee Table



American Mission Bar Stool

Our American Mission Bar Stools looking fabulous with this kitchen set up!


Modern Designer Sofa Table

Modern Designer Sofa Table


Have you bought furniture from us before? Would you like your photos to be featured in a blog or on our fan photo Facebook album? If so, post your photos to our Facebook page or send them to !


Table Setting 101: Casual to Fine Dining

October 5th, 2013 by Michelle Rooks

1) The Vermont Tavern Table says “Family”   2) The Cherry Moon Dining Table—for having friends over   3) The Vermont-Made Shaker Dining Table: perfect for a formal dinner party

I’m about to out myself as an old-timer. When I was in Junior High most girls took a class called Home Economics. We learned cooking and sewing skills and actually got tested on the proper way to set a table. I have never forgotten the basics of casual dining place setting: Fork on the napkin to the left of the plate, knife and spoon to the right of the plate, with the knife closest and its blade facing the plate. A drinking glass would be above and to the right of the dinner plate. I admit I don’t often practice these skills. In our house we pretty much grab a handful of knives and forks and divvy them up at the table. I picture the Vermont Tavern Table as the perfect place for the family to gather and talk about their day.

If you want to invite a couple of friends to join you for dinner, you may want to kick it up a notch. That brings us to the informal place setting. In addition to the items found in casual dining place setting you may find a bread plate, an additional glass, a salad fork, and possibly a soup spoon. I think the Cherry Moon dining table would be the just the thing for a gathering of close friends.

For a more formal gathering, place setting can be much more involved. There are water and wine glasses and, for truly elegant dinner parties, enough silverware to ready a small army. These can include fish, dinner, salad, cake and cocktail forks, dinner and butter knives, teaspoon, soup and dessert spoons. Add to all of that a charger (a decorative plate slightly larger than a dinner plate), dinner, salad and bread plates and you’re going to need a lot of real estate to hold it all. My choice would be the Vermont-Made Shaker with a boat top. It just gives a vibe of elegance to me.

Place setting has become a bit of an art form. While there are “standard” placements for items, these days you can be much more creative. Add a favor for each guest, create your own napkin rings and place cards or learn napkin folding techniques. Add different levels of candles and some flowers, gourds, or other seasonal items to make an aesthetically pleasing centerpiece. Your table should be a reflection of your own style.


A VWS Table Finds a Home in Middlebury College’s Solar House

October 4th, 2013 by Kelsey Eaton

We would like to congratulate the Middlebury College Solar Decathlon team for their hard work and progress on their solar home! The team are currently in Irvine, California constructing InSite for the competition! We applaud the team for their efforts and dedication to creating an unforgettable eco-friendly home, and their passion for helping showcase Vermont business throughout its design!

This is our 3rd year supporting the Middlebury Team in their Energy Solar Decathalon efforts!

Eleanor Krause from the Middlebury Team expressed her excitement about bringing the home and its Vermont made contents, to a global stage. She hopes that “the heart and quality of our local Vermont products really shines through, and will hopefully inspire all who visit to think more about supporting local and sustainable business.”

Below you will find several beautiful photos of the table in the solar home. Good luck team!

For more information on the competition or the Middlebury Team, check out their Facebook, or the Department of Energy Solar Decathlon Website.


Lets Talk Apples!

September 26th, 2013 by Kelsey Eaton

Apples in Wooden Bowl at Vermont Woods Studios Showroom

Ok…ok, so we love Pears too!


There’s been a lot of buzz from Vermonters about apples lately. Probably because A) they’re delicious B) they’re perfect for fall and C) they have a long history in the state of Vermont! Well, we love these sweet natural treats just as much as any other Vermonter–so, lets talk apples!

Did you know that…

  • The first Macs grew in Canada. The first McIntosh apple tree sprouted from one of several seedlings that were discovered in 1811 by John McIntosh on his farm in Ontario!
  • In 1868, Dr. T.A Hoskins brought the McIntosh to Newport, Vermont right from Ontario. A descendant of John McIntosh, William McIntosh, planted these apples in his West Berlin, Vermont orchard in 1870…and the first printed reference to a mac apple appeared in 1876. 
  • In 1920, the “big four” Vermont apple varieties were McIntosh, Fameuse, Northern Spy, and Wealthy.
  • In the 1980s, Vermont had an average of 79 growers on 3,500 bearing acres in total, and produced an average annual crop of 1.25 million bushels of apples. 
  • In England, to destroy an apple orchard was seen as almost sacrilegious, and it was said that if an orchard was destroyed to make way for another crop, the crop would never prosper.
  • An old Samhain charm was for all the district’s unmarried young people to tie an apple onto a piece of string and whirl it around before a fire. The one whose apple fell off first was said to be the first to marry
  • McIntosh, Vermont’s “bread & butter variety,” remains  within the top six apple varieties desired by consumers.
  • The 2007 census reported 264 farms growing apples on 3,241 acres of land in Vermont, and the 2011 survey found those same results!


    If you loved these apple facts as much as we do, take a minute to check out Vermont Apples, a website with tons of information and history about apples, including more facts, orchard listings, and apple news! And for brilliant, tasty apple recipes… take a look at The Apple Lover’s Cookbook, a 300+ page  book containing 100 magnificent apple recipes!

 And let us know what your favorite apple recipes are & your favorite places around New England to apple pick in the comments section or on Facebook!



Introducing The Kyoto Dining Room Furniture Collection

September 19th, 2013 by Kelsey Eaton

The Kyoto Modern Dining Room Collection

If you’re looking for unique, modern dining room furniture, The Kyoto Collection is for you. The Kyoto Dining Room Furniture Collection by Copeland takes a traditional Japanese furniture design and fuses it with a Modern Western aesthetic…creating a truly extraordinary dining set. The broad surfaces, simple geometric shapes, and real walnut wood create a naturally complex beauty. This dining set is defined by its asymmetry and natural features.

The Kyoto collection includes both a solid top and extension top table in 2 sizes providing dining for up to 10. Eclectic but perfectly matching dining chairs are available in both arm & side styles. If you’re looking for more storage, you can round out your new dining set by adding the versatile Kyoto buffet which is available in 9 different configurations.

This collection is hand crafted to order in Vermont, using solid American black walnut hardwood, and is finished with a durable, low sheen top coat.

Learn more about buying online, our woods and finishes or give us a call at 888-390-5571/contact us with your questions.

We offer free shipping, a Lifetime Guarantee, and a Low Price Guarantee on all Copeland furniture.




Celebrating National Indoor Plant Week!

September 15th, 2013 by Kelsey Eaton

Seems like there’s a national week for everything nowadays, and this time i’m not complaining. As a total houseplant fan, I think that celebrating earths natural air cleaners is great! :) House plants have numerous benefits to your health and home, from air purification to easy breathing, and not to mention they add lots of style to your space. National indoor plant week is a nation wide effort to increase awareness of the value of plants, and to spark enthusiasm for them! I’m already excited!

Feeling inspired? Participation in National Indoor Plant week is free, and can be as grand or miniscule as you like. For example, Interior Tropical Gardens of Union Illinois set up 7 street locations and handed out 2,000+ small peace lilies and info on the value of indoor plants. But even something as simple as gifting a houseplant to your coworkers is enough! Sounds pretty easy to me.

Vermont Woods Studios is a pretty festive workplace sometimes, and we’re always down to bring a little bit of nature into the office! So we’re celebrating indoor plants by bringing in a potted plant for each office at Stonehurst! Woo hoo, naturally clean air for everyone! :)

Loryn wrote an awesome post about why indoor plants are great for your house and home, so I’d encourage you to check it out and see for yourself all of the reasons why you should love houseplants and why National Indoor Plant Week rocks!





Fashion On a Budget — And Supporting a Great Cause

September 11th, 2013 by Michelle Rooks

Created in loving memory of Jessica Bolognani, Jessica’s Closet is dedicated to helping young women build confidence & self esteem as well as to promote good health & hygiene (after all, beauty begins on the inside!).

I love a good bargain. Being a family on a budget with two fashion-conscious daughters, it can be tough to be budget-smart and keep up with fashion trends. Enter the women at Jessica’s Closet in Wilmington, VT and their lovely dresses available for rent. I first heard of this gem when Douglas’ daughter found her prom dress there. Our turn came when we were invited to a wedding this summer at the Harvard Club in Boston. None of the women of the family was happy with the dresses she already had. We made the journey to Wilmington and were very impressed with the boutique we found there. More than 1200 dresses, long and short, in any color imaginable…and all the accessories to go with them. The cost? A donation of $10 is suggested to cover dry cleaning costs.

Jessica, daughter of founder, Debbie Bolognani, was an active young woman “with a smile that could light more than a room.” She died in a tragic accident in 2010. “She LOVED to dress up and was always willing to share her closet with others.” In her honor Debbie and her friends established Jessica’s Closet as well as a a scholarship fund and Jessica’s Locker which is dedicated to providing sports equipment to the youth of their community.

Just two of our selections for the big event.

The mission of Jessica’s Closet is to build confidence and self-esteem in young women.  They provide formal and semi-formal dresses to those who otherwise would not be able to attend homecoming, prom or other special events. If you have gently worn formal wear—donations of dresses, purses, shoes, and accessories are welcome!

My daughters and I spent about an hour at Jessica’s Closet. We had our own “stylist” and every dress was beautiful. It was difficult to make a decision and in the end, we took home more than we needed. The price was so reasonable and we didn’t buy dresses that may never be worn again. That is true sustainability.

While Vermont Woods Studios is known for beautiful, American-made furniture crafted from carefully harvested wood, we also believe in recognizing other individuals and organizations who have a mission and make a difference in their community. Debbie and her friends have done an amazing job of fulfilling Jessica’s legacy for helping others …because every girl deserves to feel like a Princess.  


5 Southern Vermont Towns You’ve Got to Visit

September 10th, 2013 by Kelsey Eaton

There is so much to love about Southern Vermont. Especially the way that the towns are surrounded by mountains and rich expanses of trees, making them even more beautiful  in that brief autumn period where the leaves are multicolored and bright. These 5 southern Vermont towns are each unique, and vary in size and culture. But all of them are rich in artistry, with diverse communities of independent artists, performance arts, and theater.

These 5 communities thrive with quaint downtown areas, promising lots of food and plenty of shopping! Antique stores, one of a kind book stores, eccentric decor shops, galleries, and much more are what make these towns so special and true to Vermont.

All of these towns are less than an hour away from us at Stonehurst, and we’d encourage you to visit them to see all of the wonderful things they have to offer!


1. Brattleboro

Brattleboro, VT Photography

A Rainbow over Brattleboro, Vermont. Photo by Professor Bop via Flickr


2.  Bellows Falls

Bob Taylor Photography

‘Bellows Falls Street Scene’ Photo by Bob Taylor, via Flickr.

3.  Wilmington

Wilmington Vermont Photography

Wilmington, Vermont. Photo by Kimberly Vardeman via Flickr

4. Bennington

Bennington, Vermont

Bennington Battle Monument, Photo by Jim Guerard via Flickr


5. Chester

Chester, Vermont

Chester, Vermont. Photo by Lee Bennett via Flickr