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Fine Furniture Deals

November 24th, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

Fine Furniture Sales, Deals, Discounts, Clearances | Top Quality | Best Prices

It’s Black Friday season and everyone shopping for fine furniture is looking for the best deals and lowest discount prices.  We hear you!  Neville has recently added a Furniture Deals page to our website.  It breaks down into:


This week our current sale is on fine furniture for your dining room.  As always, you save more when you buy more with a discount of 20% if you purchase 3 or more items.


The new furniture coupon section shows all our active coupons in one place.  Hooray!  No more searching through, FatWallet and for old, outdated coupons that don’t work.  Save time and money by using this updated coupon page instead.

Clearance Items

The furniture clearance page contains items we no longer have room for in our showroom.  Clearance furniture includes “scratch and dent” and discontinued items that are marked down– sometimes 50% or more.

So while you’re waiting for our Black Friday Furniture Sale to begin, check out the Fine Furniture Deals section of our website and let the shopping season begin!


Introducing Polyvore: A Room Planner and Inspiration Board!

November 23rd, 2013 by Kelsey Eaton

Just when we thought that we had the social media scene under wraps, another great social platform arises from the online abyss! This site is called Polyvore! Polyvore is an online platform where you can shop, search for items you love, and build sets! Here are a few sets that people have created using our furniture (click on the photo to see which piece is ours):


Organic Modern


cali flashback


Orange Break !!!


Whether its earthy, natural “sets” or quirky, colorful modern sets like the one seen above… Polyvore users seem to be loving our furniture! Want to build a set of your own using Vermont Woods Studios items? Visit our Polyvore page!

Stay tuned for a more comprehensive explanation of Polyvore next week, as well as how to use it for your own personal room planner!

For now, take some time to explore the site for yourself. What do you think about Polyvore? Let us know in the comments section or on Facebook!



A Very Happy Belated Birthday to Peggy!

November 14th, 2013 by Kelsey Eaton

Happy Birthday Peggy!

Happy (Belated) birthday to Peggy! Yesterday we celebrated her special day with homemade baked mac n cheese, a wonderful salad, two different types of pie, and locally made apple cider! While every day at Vermont Woods Studios is pretty great, Peggy’s birthday cheer was contagious throughout the office and everyone’s day included lots of laughter and fun! It’s nice to work at a company where everyone is more than just co-workers and employees, we’re friends! And none of this could have happened without the hard work and continuous support and passion of Peggy!! We wish her many more years of wining, dining, and pure happiness!


A Vermont Winter “Forecast”

November 12th, 2013 by Michelle Rooks

Some indicators of the severity of the coming winter are: the thickness of a walnut’s husk; the ratio of brown to black segments on a Woolly Bear; the number of acorns an oak tree drops.

A couple of weeks ago I was walking with my family when I observed the little fellow in the above image making his way across our path. I had heard that Woolly Bears are prominent in folklore as predictors of winter. I thought I’d poke around and see what other indicators we have. Here’s what I found.

Woolly Bears (the larvae of Isabella Tiger Moths): the longer the middle brown band, the milder and shorter the coming winter; the shorter the brown band, the longer and more severe winter will be. The woolly has 13 segments to the length of his body–the same number of weeks there are of winter. From what I can tell of this picture, my little friend only has four solid-brown segments with a couple that are both black and white. Uh, oh.

Black Walnut trees: The thicker the green husk on the Black Walnuts the snowier the winter, because nature knows when the walnut needs more protection from the elements.

Onion skins: If thin, a mild winter is coming.

Corn: Husks are thick and tight and the silks are heavy — these are indicators of a bad winter.

Apple skins: If tough, winter may be as well.

Oak trees: If the ground of your yard, driveway, or porch is covered with acorns, folklore predicts that these same surfaces may be blanketed by snow this winter. This one makes me feel a little bit better about what my Woolly Bear friend told me. Some years we can hear the acorns pinging off the metal roof of our storage shed. This year I haven’t heard any.

The Month of August: For every fog there will be a snowfall. If the first week is unusually warm, the coming winter will be snowy and long. If a cold August follows a hot July, it foretells a winter hard and dry. We’re not far from the Connecticut River and a small area of beaver-created wetlands so fog is not unusual.

Spiders: Spinning larger than usual webs

Honey Bees: will store honey in mass in preparation for a severe winter

Yellow Jackets: build nests either high in trees or in the ground depending on what the coming winter has in store.

Squirrels: If tails are very bushy and/or if they’re more active than usual, a severe winter is on its way. Hmmm, I don’t know that I’ve ever seen an INactive squirrel.

Ant Hills: If they are unusually high in July, it will be cold and snowy. Darn, forgot to measure them last summer.

Thanksgiving Goose: If the breast bone of the Thanksgiving goose is red or has many spots, expect a cold and stormy winter; but if only a few spots are visible, expect a mild winter.

If the first snowfall lands on unfrozen ground, the winter will be mild.

Final assessment: I have no idea what the winter will bring us in Southern Vermont. I’m just grateful I’m only a short walk from Stonehurst!


Highlighting the Moduluxe Bedroom Collection

November 10th, 2013 by Kelsey Eaton

Creatively Configurate with the Moduluxe Bedroom Collection – As seen in Dwell Magazine!

Your bedroom is far more than just a place where you sleep at night. It’s is a sanctuary where you often spend your most personal and reflective time, and it may even be a place where you are at your most productive. As such, the design of the furniture in your bedroom should be conducive to meeting your every need. In other words, it should be versatile.

The Moduluxe Bedroom Collection by Copeland Furniture is the definition of versatile, with the capability to be arranged as individual pieces that can stand alone, as one modular sectional for a semi-built configuration, or any version in between. Choose from platform bed or a high storage bed options for a roomier living environment, as well as cases and media units in a wide variety of configurations. There is even a desk option for those who enjoy working in the bedroom, or feel free to turn the desk into a vanity by adding a mirror above. Key to the Moduluxe Bedroom Collection are the numerous inconspicuous storage options, which make it ideal for rooms where storage space is at a premium.

Modern Bedroom Furniture with Copeland's Moduluxe Collection


The Moduluxe Bedroom Collection is crafted in solid maple, cherry or American black walnut hardwood and made-to-order in fifteen finishes with a variety of knob or pull options. The degree of attention paid to the space, style and function of the Moduluxe Bedroom Collection should comes as little surprise to those who are familiar with Copeland Furniture. Since the 1970’s, Copeland Furniture has been making furniture of classic proportion and modern simplicity from natural hardwoods. Copeland Furniture takes great pride in the quality of the environment and natural surrounding beauty, and uses sustainably harvested hardwoods from the American Northern Forest. The Moduluxe Bedroom Collection is yet another creative extension of the company’s commitment to good design, quality and value, as well as a strong desire to stay loyal to the New England tradition of quality craftsmanship.

Modern Bedroom Furniture Moduluxe


For those who are seeking a bedroom collection that offers both unparalleled versatility and sensational style, the Moduluxe Bedroom Collection by Copeland Furniture will allow you to realize your vision.


Happy Birthday Kelsey!

November 7th, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

Happy Birthday Kelsey!

Today was a busy day at Stonehurst as we all prepare for our Open House and ribbon cutting ceremony on Saturday.  But we do have our priorities and today Kelsey’s birthday was at the top of the list.  Please join us on Facebook in wishing marketing maven, Kelsey Eaton a healthy and Happy Birthday with many more to come!


Custom Drawer Pulls by Donlin Foreman

November 6th, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

Custom drawer and door pulls by Donlin Foreman

After an illustrious career in dance, Donlin Foreman is developing a business making handcrafted custom drawer pulls of unique combinations of leather, brass, bronze and iron suitable for doors, cabinets, and furniture.  You can find a selection of his work at Hanna Grimes Market Place in Keene or contact him directly through Facebook.

Last week I wrote about customizing your furniture by using unique drawer pulls.  We have many different style (Shaker, Modern, Mission, Traditional, Wood and Metal) custom drawer pulls to choose from at Stonehurst (our new fine furniture and art gallery).  But often customers want something very special and unique so we work with a variety of local artisans to serve as connectors when the need arises.

Coincidentally we had a visit yesterday from Donlin Foreman, owner of Horse Hill Handles a small business that makes custom leather, brass, bronze and iron drawer and door pulls.  You may know Donlin as a professional dancer and co-founder of On Common Ground Dance Performance and Educational Products.  He’s a “20-year veteran of the Martha Graham Dance Company and has performed with Eliot Feld Company, Jacques d’Amboise National Dance Institute, and La Scala Ballet.  He has staged works for NJ Ballet, Ice Theatre of NY, La Scala Ballet, and North Carolina Dance Theatre. As co-founder/director/choreographer of Buglisi/Foreman Dance, Donlin choreographed 25 ballets and presented six seasons in NYC at the Joyce Theater, two seasons at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, the America Dancing series/Kennedy Center, the Melbourne International Festival and other international venues.

Donlin performed at the White House for President Reagan and holds numerous honors, with critical and professional acclaim. He served as Professor of Professional Practice in the Dance Department of Barnard College, Columbia University, has published a book of poetic writing, contributed to the Martha Graham issue of Choreography and Dance, Dance Teacher and Dance Spirit magazines; and for two years chaired the Dance Panel of the New York State Council on the Arts. Donlin now lives in Harrisville with his wife Jenny and their two young sons. He is on the staff at the New England Center for Circus Arts.”

After an illustrious career in dance, Donlin is developing a business making handcrafted custom drawer pulls of unique combinations of leather, brass, bronze and iron suitable for doors, cabinets, and furniture.  You can find a selection of his work at Hanna Grimes Market Place in Keene or contact him directly through Facebook.

We wish you all the best of luck with your new venture, Donlin!


Fine Furniture Sets: Every Day is Black Friday

November 5th, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

Fine Furnitiure Sets | Black Friday Sale Every Day

Vermont made fine furniture sets are on sale every day for 20% off at Vermont Woods Studios.

Have you noticed that Black Friday Sales have expanded over the years?  I remember when it actually used to be on the day after Thanksgiving.   Now in 2013 it’s all of November at many stores.

With American made, handcrafted fine furniture– sales work a little differently than with electronics or clothing, though.  Made to order furniture, crafted especially for you doesn’t offer much economy of scale during a big storewide sale.  So without compromising on craftsmanship or premium quality sustainable lumber, we’ve had to figure out other ways to add value and give customers the best price.

That’s where buying fine furniture as a set comes in.  Craftspeople add efficiency to their system when building sets rather than individual pieces.  And at Vermont Woods Studios we add efficiency (and save money) when shipping multiple pieces to the same address.

We pass that savings on to you so every day we can offer 2013 Black Friday sale prices — if you buy your furniture in a set.  Check out our handmade bedroom sets, solid wood dining furniture sets and living room (coffee, end and sofa) table sets.  They are all value priced at 20% off year round.  Don’t see exactly what you want?  Give Liz or Sean a call and they’ll customize your set now with the pieces you want. And when Thanksgiving comes around, you can relax with your family.  Isn’t that what the holidays are all about?


Halloween at Vermont Woods Studios!

October 31st, 2013 by Kelsey Eaton

The Green Team went all out this year with Halloween Costume preparation! From pirates, to goths, witches, bikers, 80s chicks, cowboys and dopplegangers–we all had a great time dressing up and enjoying a festive Halloween potluck! We even had a costume contest & a runway show, with winners in most original (Dennis), scariest (Douglas), funniest (Sean as Peggy), cutest (Liz) and overall best costume (Neville)! Days like today make all of the hard work we do at the office a lot more fun. Enjoy this mini-slideshow of our Halloween extravaganza! Happy Halloween!!



Celebrate National Forest Products Week

October 23rd, 2013 by Peggy Farabaugh

Celebrate National Forest Product Week | Vermont Wood Furniture

By Presidential proclamation, this week– October 20-26, 2013 is National Forest Products Week.  It’s a time for us to recognize the beauty of our forests, the many products that come from our forests and the people who work in and manage our forests.

At Vermont Woods Studios, our company was founded on a mission of forest conservation. Through Vermont’s beautiful, eco-friendly wood furniture, we’re trying to help raise awareness about the importance of sustainable forestry.  What’s so interesting or important about sustainable forestry?  Check out some of these fun forest facts:

  • Each year the average American uses an amount of forest products equivalent to one HUGE tree (10 stories tall and 18 inches in diameter).  That’s over 43 cubic feet of wood and 681 pounds of paper
  • More than 5,000 things are made from trees such as houses, furniture, utensils, fences, books, medicines, chewing gum, cosmetics, clothing, toothpaste, soap, varnish, Almond Joy candy bars and of course, maple syrup
  • The single oldest living thing on earth is a tree, its is 4,700 years old and is located in the US. It was growing when the Egyptians built the pyramids!
  • Forests occupy one third of the Earth’s land area– they are our greatest defense against global warming
  • As the Earth’s great air conditioners, trees rid the air of excess carbon dioxide and other pollutants to improve air quality
  • Trees filter water, trap particles to make soil and help regulate climate patterns around the world
  • Most forests are threatened by unsustainable forestry practices, development and climate change
  • Organized crime controls much of the world’s timber trade– illegal timber is the new heroin
  • An area of rainforest the size of a football field is being destroyed every second of every minute of every day
  • In less than 100 years over half of the forest has been cut and burned, leaving whole areas of the earth bare and unprotected
  • 54 of the world’s 193 countries have already lost >90% of their forests

With our mission of sustainable forestry we hope to persuade people to buy eco-friendly, Vermont made wood furniture and avoid the purchase of imported furniture that’s made from wood that’s illegally clear cut from the world’s rapidly disappearing rainforests.

Learn more about responsible forestry on the Vermont Forest Products Association website and visit us at our Stonehurst fine furniture and art gallery to experience the sustainable difference!