Many thanks to the tree service professionals at Turner and Renaud in Dummerston, Vermont.  They worked all day surgically removing this black locust tree that we hope to transform into an ADA accessible ramp into the new Vermont Woods Studios showroom.

It was pretty misty this morning so I'm not sure if you can see the arborist in the top of this Black Locust tree.  But he's there, suspended from a 100' tall crane boom that stretched over the Stonehurst building and into the back yard where you see the locust tree being carefully dismantled.

We are sending our thanks to the tree service professionals at Turner and Renaud in Dummerston, Vermont.  Three certified arborists came to Stonehurst today to remove a couple huge trees that were leaning over the building.  It was amazing (and terrifying) to watch them work.

I was surprised and pleased to learn that each person working in Turner and Renaud's tree care business is a certified Arborist. Certification is an impressive recognition of their professional knowledge by the International Society of Arboriculture. 

I'm going to miss the beautiful trees they took down today but I'm eager to see what our creative friend Vince Johnson of Johnson Custom Milling will be able to transform the wood into. 

Since Black Locust is one of the most rot-resistant woods in the Northern Forest, we're thinking it's best use might be for the ADA accessibility ramp into the new Vermont Woods Studios showroom.  Stay tuned for photos of the complete transformation.
















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