Bird-friendly, shade-grown coffee

Shannon is always whipping us into shape here at Vermont Woods Studios Fine Furniture.  In the few months she's been here, she's made several suggestions to help us get greener.  For example… do you use paper towels or hand dryers in your restroom?  Neither is all that green…so Shannon got Ken to go out and purchase cotton hand towels for each person in the office (color coded, of course). She even has Douglas buying organic half and half for his coffee… who knew?


And now we have organic, shade-grown, bird-friendly coffee in our break room.  I had written in January about the importance of buying shade-grown, bird-friendly coffee (we learned this from our friend Roz Renfrew over at the Vermont Center for EcoStudies).  Unfortunately we've gotten spolied with our K-cup coffee brewer though and I was feeling bad that I couldn't find K-cups with bird friendly coffee.  But Shannon came through as usual and found a company called San Francisco Bay Coffee, whose:

100% Arabica coffee is shade-grown on high altitude farms over 3000 feet elevation. These farms employ a bio-diverse natural cover of shade trees to develop the beans slowly – and give them more character and depth compared to full-sun, "monoculture" coffee farms. This shade grown farming also provides habitat to animals and birds and helps restore the ecosystems including local water supplies. We are committed to organic farming as well, and we’ve perfected innovative techniques to turn coffee pulp waste into organic fertilizer using vermiculture (worm composting)! We’re spreading that technology to organic farms (and even non-organic ones) throughout the world.

I'm happy to report that the coffee tastes great!  I did take a picture of Shannon drinking a cup but she deleted it and sent this one over instead.  Everyone around here is so camera shy.

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2 thoughts on “Organic, Shade Grown Coffee For K-Cups: Shannon Found It!

  1. The coffee you are buying is not ‘Bird Friendly(R)’. Only coffee independently certified to the standards of The Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center can carry this certification. K-cups are NOT biodegradable. At current consumption rates, a pile of K-Cups equal to the mass of the Empire State building is created every 6 months.It would not take long to fill VT at this rate! Also – NYT article this week, coffee in K-Cups cost ~$50 a lb, the farmers do not see much of that.
    Be Certain.Buy Certified.
    Bill Wilson, Birds & Beans coffee

  2. Thank you Bill. I stand corrected. I too hate the waste associated with K-cups. Personally I use the re-usable Keurig K-cup ( and fill it with organic coffee that I buy at our local Co-op but from now on I’ll be using Birds and Beans coffee instead.
    Unfortunately, in the workplace it’s just too hard to get people to mess with the re-usable cups. I don’t know how to stop the Keurig revolution now that it has started. So I find myself looking for the “least bad” alternative. One good think about the SFB brand is that the bottom of their K-cup is fabric. Only the top is plastic.
    I’m definitely interested in better alternatives if you have suggestions.
    Thanks for your comment and your dedication to environmental conservation. We admire your company and the work you do.


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