Siberian-tigers 2010 is the Year of the Tiger.  Did you know there are only about 3200 tigers left in the wild?  This tiger subspecies, the Siberian Tiger– the world's largest cat is literally on the brink of extinction with only about 400 individuals remaining in their natural habitat.  I can't stand the idea of letting these magnificient creatures disappear forever on our watch.  Can you?

If not, here's something you need to know and it has to do with where you and your friends, family and neighbors buy your furniture. 

Siberian tigers live mainly in Russian forests which are now under assault by global timber conglomerates.  Tiger habitat is being systematically decimated to provide illegal timber that's used to make cheap furniture which is marketed mainly in the USA.  In fact, up to 90% of the furniture you see for sale in our country is made of illegally harvested wood that is clear cut from ecologically sensitive habitats like this.

You can help save the tiger by avoiding the purchase of imported wood furniture.  Buy American made furniture instead.  There are still many companies in the USA that specialize in furniture made from sustainably harvested wood that grows and is replanted right here in the USA.  America has some of the world's best quality hardwoods and our forest conservation laws are working to keep it that way.  One of our Vermont foresters told me the other day that in VT, our forests are growing at a rate that is faster than the harvest rate– certainly an important part of the definition of sustainability.

 If you want to learn more about the connection between tigers, forest conservation and wood furniture, give us a call at Vermont Woods Studios.

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  1. Vermont Woods Studio follows some excellent practices and is a great role model for stewardship!
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