We received this request for assistance from our good friends Jody and Betty Lou Deaton today, on Veteran's Day and thought we would share it with our readers:

"As we approach the holiday season we have the tendency to focus in on our own families and not so much on the needs of others, especially in today’s economy.

There are approximately 103,700 US personnel, men and women, over in Afghanistan who are there to protect our freedom and serving our country with out hesitation thus allowing us to enjoy our families and loved ones.

Starting today through November 15, 2011, I am requesting your help in adopting a soldier and his family.  The soldier is Sgt. Peter A. Avila with the 25th Infantry Division.

Sgt. Avila is currently on his fourth tour in the Afghanistan/Iraqi region, temporally assigned to the 2nd Infantry Division in Afghanistan at a Forward Operating Base.  His wife Crystal Avila is currently suffering from kidney disease and a host of related health issues.  Peter and Crystal's two little boys (Kenan and Kaleb) and a baby girl (Deanna) are located in Hawaii without the love of a father or husband, nor do they have family members living close enough to assist in these times of need.

Sgt. Avila’s first tour was with the 2nd Marine Infantry Division during the invasion of Baghdad.  His second and third tours were with the U.S. Army in Iraq during Iraqi Freedom.  Sgt. Avila was also deployed as part of the U.S. border patrol and construction of the U.S. and Mexican fence line for nine months prior to being deployed to Iraq on December 12, 2007 for an 18 month tour.

This soldier has put our Freedom, Country, Loved ones, and The Right to Practice the Freedom of Religion before his own enjoyment of Life that most take for granted.

Please join us in providing assistance to a soldier and his family this holiday season."

Contributions can be sent to: 

Emanuel Holiness Church
C/O Bessie Todd
20701 Jane Shaw Rd.
Wagram, NC   28396
For Sgt. Peter A. Avila Donations

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